Accomodation HELP!


If the Generator Hostel is fully booked, what are the other cheapest hostel option nearby?

#2 and you can choose London and then choose to plot them all on a map to see which is close by.[br][br]Meredith Fraser[br]Olympic Link Aug 7 - 27


I managed to find this hostel from - Smart Russell Square in London, England[br]71 Guilford Street, WC1N 1DF, London[br][br]Anyone live here before and have any comments?[br][br]nian


Meredith, great link, thanks heaps!


anyone else think the early start is a bit of a ‘scam’ to ensure you stay at the generator…?


no - we left the globetrotter last year heaps early in the morning cause it takes a while to get to Dover then you have to wait for an available ferry and we still didnt get to Amsterdam till about 10pm that night!!


Hiya Akiromuchi![br]I have stayed at Smart Russell Sq… ITs ok - clean and tidy.[br]But with early starts you miss there breakfast.[br]Also when we stayed there they screwed up our reservation so the put us in a bigger dorm than we booked. (booked 4 bed put us in 6 bed) and we got a “discount” (which was really what the 6 bed dorm price should have been)[br][br]But we are staying there again next time we are in London[br][br]Apparently its only 5min walk to Generator - but I don’t know where the Generator is so not sure.