Accommodations list for Mega European


I know they said the accommodations list was supposed to be in the predeparture information but mine isn’t (else I’m being ridiculous and can’t find it). Can anyone copy and paste it here or email it to me?

Thank you in advance!


Hey Jackie

The accommodation list can be found on the 11th page of your itinerary. This is the itinerary sent to you by Topdeck or your travel agent, not the generic itinerary on the website.

Let me know if you have any problems finding it. :smiley:

Topdeck Team!


All I received was the pre-departure link and the optionals link. Is it possible to resent the information to my email address or even to post it on here?
Thanks for the reply!



Did you book direct with Topdeck or with a travel agent? If you booked direct through Topdeck can you advise your booking number and I will organize for the reservations team to send through your itinerary. If you booked with a travel agent I would recommend you get in contact with them directly as they should have all your documentation on file.