Accommodation in uk prior to topdeck trip


Hi guys,
I am booked on the Europe Unplugged tour to leave on the 5th of
August. Im arriving in London on the 30th of June and i will
need accommodation from 1st of July till i leave on my trip and
possibly after. wondering if anyone was planning on doing the same?



hi brooke! i have a tour in April 20 (western spirit) and i’ll be staying in Palmers Lodge (close to Hyde Park) before & after my tour. My first choice was YHA London Central but they charge extra 3GBP for not being a member of YHA. I opted for Palmers Lodge, which has great reviews in tripadvisor & hostelworld. It’s a bit far from where my tour will start but the tube’s there. my only requisite for hostels clean bathroom & safe area (75% of the time i travel alone)
i hope this helps. anna=D


Thankyou so much for that advice!!
I will definatley check it out!!

Hope you have a fab trip in April :slight_smile:


I stayed at a hostel chain when I was in London last. It was called Astor and they have different sites throughout London depending on where in town you want to be situated. It also depends on your price range and preferences. Astor was very clean and provided bedding at no charge. There was free wi-fi and a common kitchen and tv room so you get to meet lots of people. They are very secure and require key cards to get into dorm rooms, etc.

Hope you find somewhere you like!


If you’re looking for an alternative to hostels a lot of London unis rent their halls of residence rooms to tourists in the summer:
Might be worth a look.