Absolute must does in Europe


I’m going on the European adventure 2018 and want your absolutely must does across Europe. Not just the usual stuff like Eiffel Tower and leaning tower of Pisa, I want really adventurous out of the box stuff. Help


Hi Jayde,

I always try to visit as many non-touristy places as possible. I’m a bit of a history nerd, so WW2 / Soviet monuments / historical places/ buildings. Wandering around and looking for interesting places to eat, that are more traditional and not so commercial / touristy is also a good idea. In Italy look for Trattorias (family run) instead of Ristorantes (for the tourists). Their English may not be as good. And make sure you tip :slight_smile:

Make sure you do the Swiss Alp train ride, the views are magnificent from the top and as you go up, the trains stops periodically for more amazing views. Although expensive it was certainly worth the price and adventure. Most digital cameras have a preset for snow I think, wear suitable shoes, it’s about 3 degrees in August, but still snow on the ground. Weather depends on what time of year you go. Most likely summer I guess. So August > October.

The best advice I can give is avoid busy areas and try to get just outside of say Paris, there are smaller towns they offer greater cultural enrichment then built up areas. Check out Musée d’Orsay, which is in the old train station with magnificent pieces and incredible architecture. Also ask your tour leader about the Louvre Secret entrance, I believe it is on the map, you will see an entrance called “Port de Lions”. That is where there are no queues at all. There is a ticket office so you can buy your ticket there or use your Museum Pass if you have one. The Mona Lisa will be quite busy…

I did a lot of research of places that I wanted to photograph beforehand. The first trip I just went wandering/ exploring. If you’re feeling energetic there’s a lot to see. The salt mine in Krakow I heard from fellow travellers when I was there last year was insanely packed with tourists. There’s an old post WW2 Soviet Steel Works “Nowa Huta” in Krakow I checked out, something a bit different, there are also a couple of old WW2/ Soviet Museums in Krakow too.

Was there anything in particular you were interested in seeing?