Abbey Road


Hello there! I’m hoping you clicked on this because you, like me, are keen to visit Abbey Road studios before or after your Topdeck tour whilst staying in London! :slight_smile:

I was just interested to see whether any like-minded Top-Deckers out there are keen to have a bit of fun and get decked out in suits to take a Beatles photo crossing the famous crosswalk?

My European Getaway Topdeck tour finishes on the 31st of May and I’m at the Clink 78 until Tuesday the 5th so I was hoping to potentially visit a charity/op shop with fellow Beatles fans and get some budget suits to complete the Fab Four’s famous photo, possibly heading to the crosswalk early on Sunday morning when I guess it’ll be the least busy! ;D Let me know if anyone is keen!


hahahaha sounds awesome! I finish my topdeck tour on May 28 :slight_smile:


haha such a cool idea, if the dates lined up i wouldve so been into doin that with ya.


awesome that’s hilarious i would have loved to as well…don’t arrive until august :slight_smile:


I’ve been thinking about going as well. I’ll be at Clink78 from 30th June till my tour on the 3rd of July :3