A Warning About Left Luggage


Hi, I am posting this out of service to the topdeck community. I hope it helps others to very carefully consider leaving luggage at the left luggage storage at the Clink78 in London.

3 weeks ago my sister left for London to do a working holiday. She had 1 day in London before doing a topdeck tour to begin her working holiday. Being that she was going for such a long holiday she had more luggage than she could carry on her tour. She read every last page on this forum trying to find some advice on what she should do with her excess baggage. We knew that luggage could be left in the left luggage room at the Clink hostel but wasn’t sure if this was going to be safe enough. Nobody on this forum seems to have ever posted about their experiences leaving luggage at the Clink. We just assumed that no news is good news.

However, it was not in my sisters case. She had returned from her tour to find that her luggage has been stolen and has lost a lot of expensive stuff. Not to mention the stress and inconvenience of having to do an insurance claim and replace everything that was stolen when she should now be enjoying her holiday.

This is a warning to anybody thinking that it wont happen to them. The staff at the Clink78 hostel said to my sister…‘this kind of stuff never happens’. Well maybe it is just that it never gets posted on this forum, and the staff at the Clink are not gonig to tell you their luggage storage isn’t secure.

I understand that leaving luggage is at your own risk. I am not posting this to be sour, I simply want to give other travellers the information that my sister didn’t have. If she had seen a post like this in the days before her trip (and believe me we looked for a post like this!) she would have definatley not have left her luggage to be stolen.



So sorry to here about your sister’s luggage! Your comments have been forwarded to our operations team and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for letting us know about the situation.

Topdeck Team


I’m travelling to Europe for a working holiday and am also starting off with a Top Deck tour. My suitcase is too big and weighs more than 20kg. Where can I store my excess baggage?? Do TopDeck have any solutions?


Hi Jo,

Unfortunately we don’t have luggage storage facilities at the Topdeck office.

You could see if your pre-trip accommodation has luggage storage or if any of your London based friends have room.

Also, there is the Excess Baggage Company
, but they can be a bit pricey.

Let us know how you get on.

Topdeck Team


That totally sux for your sister, can’t imagine what it would be like to lose evrything! On a positive note, I left my suitcase in the storage room at Clink for just over a week while I did another Topeck tour, it was exactly where I left it when I got back.


Hi Jo, not sure if this is an option for you, but I posted my excess luggage from home before I started my trip, to a friend in London I just send it standard international post which was a lot cheaper than paying for excess luggage and it arrived at my friends place just before I did :slight_smile:


Are you staying at the Clink? It might be worth while emailing them to see if you can store your excess luggage there for the trip and pick it up at the end of the tour.


totally sad hear about what happened with your sister. I’m thinking about booking on European Wonder July 2012 and Clink 78… I did some researches and my opinion is that is better let your luggage in the lockers (and you have to pay for them) instead to leave them in the luggage room (because is not exclusive and everyone who have luggage there can enter).


Hey thanks for that warning. Just want to clairfy did your sister leave a whole pack there whilst she did her tour? Also did she leave in the the buggage area or in a locker? Exactly where did it get stolen from??

Just wondering as I’m possibly staying at clink this year and whilst out for the day just want to know where is the best place to leave your big pack ?