A Visa DEbit Card


SO I have a commerce bank account. And they have given me a VIsa DEbit Card. I was wondering how good that would be for using in France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Austria?[br][br]People mention hidden ATM fees and stuff line 2.5% charge? I check with my bank and they said they won’t be charging me anything. SO except for the ATM fees, i wouldn’t have to pay anything else, right?[br][br]And how much is usually the ATM fees?


I’m in Australia and I think for me the fees are about $4-5AUD but it’s not too bad if you withdraw large lump sums, say 2-300 euros per transaction.


maybe I’m just a sceptic - but I’d problem ask someone else at the bank about that! I’ve got a Visa Debit card as well (I’m in New Zealand though) and I’ve been told If I use specific ATMs (eg Deutsche Bank) then I won’t be charged and ATM fee (which is otherwise $8 per transaction) and I’ll be charged 2.5% each time.


I also have a visa debt. Most banks throughout the world have sister banks in other countries where you don’t get charged. Ie: Barclays bank in the uk is joined to Westpac in Oz and Bank of America in USA so i don’t get charged.[br][br]If you call your bank they’ll tell you who their affiliated banks are.