A little worried,,,


Hello :)[br][br]I am travelling by myself on the timeless trail departing the 20th of Aug till 9th sept. At the moment it is saying that to book it is on request and to contact td direct. Does this mean that there is a likely chance that this tour will not go ahead?[br][br]I am so excited otherwise!!![br][br]Has anyone had the same experience or can anyone tell me what i should expect?[br][br]:)[br][br][br][br]KarenC


Hi Karen,[br][br]Good news, “On Request” means that it is almost full and perhaps only a couple of spaces left on the tour![br][br]Have fun!! :)[br][br]Matt


YEAHHH!!! I am sooooo soooo excited now :slight_smile: Thanks Matt![br][br]Now i just hav to wait and see what other fellow buddies are going on this tour![br][br]Anyone?[br][br]KarenC