A Few Security/Safety Questions


Hey, I plan on going on a EuroClub trip and had a few questions for people who might’ve already been on one.[br][br]1. Would your recommend using a money belt? Or is it ok to just have that kind of thing in your daypack. [br]2. What do you do with your luggage when you’re out and about? Is it safe to just leave it in the cabin/hostel?[br]3. What do you do with really important things like your passport and plane tickets? Do you carry them with you at all times?[br][br]Thanks much!! :sunglasses:


Your plane ticket and passport etc you can carry on you, but make sure you photo copy everything and leave them in your suitcase.[br][br]Up to you with the money belt…just seperate your cash and cards…(some in your suitcase)…so if something does happen it is not the end of the world. [br][br]The hostel should have a luggage locker in your room…take a padlock![br][br]


Thanks much! I didn’t think to bring a padlock before :stuck_out_tongue: