A Few Questions



I just have a few questions before I leave on my winter tour of Europe.

  1. I have a bag that is 77 x 38 x 36. I know that the requirements are 70 x 50 x 25 but my bag will definitely be under 20kgs, so would it be ok if I take the bag I already have?

  2. Do you need to tip on Topdeck? If so, how much?

  3. Do you recommend for the winter tours buying quick dry clothing? I’m just worried about taking jeans because they will be heavy and take a while to dry.

  4. Do you recommend buying snow boots to wear throughout the colder European countries or will normal boots (that have been waterproofed) suffice?

I’m so sorry to ask so many questions. I’m just freaking out slightly. lol



I leave for Europe next Tuesday for the Winter Spirit on the 19th.

  1. The drivers are usually OK with bags out of dimension as long as they are under 20kg and aren’t massive.

  2. Tipping with Top Deck is completely up to you. Sometimes it’s good to get together with a bunch of people and pool your tip, but it isn’t expected (unlike other tours where the tour guide stands at the bottom of the step waiting for your envelope as you step off the bus)

  3. Definitely. I visited my brother a couple of times in Germany where I took jeans and never again!! Unless you’re prepared to wait for a couple of hours in laundromats waiting for your jeans to dry, take regular trousers that you have tights or long johns under.

  4. If you have hiking boots, these will be fine. We don’t really get a great deal of opportunity in Sydney to wear snow boots, so I’d go with what you have.



Thanks so much for replying! Not too long until I leave now! Very excited!