A few Questions about Euro club Tours


I am attending the European Wonder in September 2011 and reading the forum discussion to answer some of questions. They have been good, but I am bit worry about few things

  1. I have a Suitcase that is: 41cm wide, 64cm Long and 25cm depth, I know the dimension are alright, but what I read many people are taking backpacks, is alright if I take a suitcase, because I want buy a Backpack at the moment. ???

  2. Also I know we may need a sleep bag, but what about a pillow

  3. Ironing Facilities are they available?

  4. Also I taking a Day Pack and I was also going to a bum bag (little bag that straps around your waist) I am take both. B-)

  5. How much the average price for meals that not counted in the Package of the Trip

  6. Will the free Top Deck global SIM card fit in Iphone 4 and have my same number

  7. Will I need swimming gear for this trip

  8. What the whether like in September over there (I am from Brisbane Queensland)

  9. Will the Weather be okay for Sky Drive in September?

  10. What is Austria Gasthof?

  11. Are the adrenalin-fuelled activities options in Tyrol, Austria that cost extra money or they included in the price?

  12. Do I bring own Water?

  13. I am just worry who is coming on this trip and if anyone is from Oz? ;D

Allison :slight_smile:


I’d like to know about the ironing too! I’m certainly not going to spend all my time ironing, but I do have a few things that you def can’t wear if it’s not quickly ironed!


phew A lot of questions Allison :slight_smile:

Will try and get some answers for you ASAP

Topdeck Team


Hi Allison,

Right, I hope this helps! Let us know if anything doesn’t make sense :wink:

Check out the pre-departure info for extra tips and details… http://www.topdeck.travel/euroclub-pre-departure-info-2011-cs-bm.pdf

  1. A suitcase is perfectly fine. We recommend soft bags, suitcases or frameless backpacks, plus a small day pack or carry bag. No external framed bags.

  2. You only need a sleeping bag if your trip goes on Flotilla sailing in Greece. On most EuroClub trips bedding is provided –though you may wish to bring a pillow case.

  3. It will depend on the accommodation so it would be best not to assume you will be able to iron. Try rolling your clothes to avoid wrinkles, and I’m sure you’ll be busy having far too much fun to worry about ironing!

  4. You will be fine and dandy with a day pack and a bum-bag

  5. Based on past experience, we recommend at least €50-€60 per day to cover your normal expenses including sightseeing, small souvenir shopping and non-included meals

  6. ekit can send you an iPhone 4 SIM card (email them and let them know you which model phone you are using and they will send a micro). As for the keeping the same number, it would be best to check directly with them… http://www.topdeck.ekit.com/ekit/CustomerService

  7. We suggest you bring a swimsuit – good thing to have just in case!

  8. The weather will vary from country to country so take a look at a site like this http://www.holiday-weather.com a search by city/country.
    For up-to-date weather info see: http://news.bbc.co.uk/weather/

  9. See above

  10. Gasthof = guesthouse

  11. They are optional activities – you should have a list of these – so it’s up to you whether you want to have a go or try something else ;D

  12. No need. You should be able to drink the water everywhere on the trip (if there are any issues your crew will let you know). There will be plenty of opportunities to pick up bottled water if you feel like a cool drink.

  13. Topdeckers! This one is for you!


heyya, just gonna answer some Qs randomly…

Iron. I brought a mini traveller one and wish i hadnt, it took so much space (althought its pretty small) and only used it once before the tour even started. At the end, i just didnt bother and so did the other people. Hell we were on a big holiday lol…

Pillow. If i were you, i wouldnt worry… The accomodations where we stayed had pretty comfy pillows. That is if you dont have any special requirement for pillow lol… Had my neck pillow for the bus trip tho and it was heaven!

Meals. Well it really depends where you want to eat. Some days we just ate at any service stops between cities, only spent like $10 for burger and stuff. But then we also went to a fancy dinner In florence and paris that cost nearly $200.

Water. Most of the people on the tour bought bottled water and refilled it. I had to keep buying bottled water cos i dont drink tap water lol and it wasnt cheap, about 2 euros for a 600ml or 1 litre water.



Hey, I did a European Wonder trip in June so to answer your questions…

  1. I took a suitcase and it was fine. I did have to drag it up and down stairs at a lot of places we stayed at but managed somehow and with the help of some of the boys

  2. You don’t need a sleeping bag on European Wonder, they provide blankets everywhere you go. I brought a pillow just because I like having an extra one but they were provided everywhere too. It also comes in handy if you want to sleep on the bus which we did a lot of.

  3. I don’t remember seeing ironing facilities…

  4. I think on average I paid between 10 to 25 AUD for dinners that were not provided. Lunches were a bit cheaper. (varies from country to country)

  5. I think if you go on the ekit website you can arrange to get a microsim

  6. Best to bring it along in case…there were pools at some of the places we stayed at, and we also had a foam party in Venice

  7. It should be quite warm most places except maybe in the mountains in Switzerland (if you do the Jungfrau trip you need clothes for the snow) and possibly Austria, but nothing too extreme

  8. I couldn’t tell you about skydiving, I think it also depends on wind conditions and other things

  9. Austrian guesthouse…the one we stayed at was really nice!

  10. They cost extra

  11. I think everywhere we went they said it was safe to drink tap water…but I bought bottled water everywhere anyway even though it was a bit expensive

  12. Don’t worry you’ll meet so many people who are traveling alone, it’ll be so much fun. I had the time of my life and made so many friends.


I just got back and at least half were australians.


Hey guys,

The e-Kits, are they worth getting?