A family Trip to Kingston



I would like to tell you all about my last family trip. The place we choose was Kingston. The main attraction point was the 1000 islands. The 1000 Islands region stretches for 50 miles from Kingston, Ontario and offers access to over 1800 Islands on both the US and Canadian sides and is only 20 minutes from Loughborough Inn where we stayed.

Thousand Islands Playhouse is one of the many attractions available in the 1000 Islands. Home to great entertaining musical, comedic and dramatic productions for more than 30 years, the Thousand Island Playhouse is one of the stand-out places to visit in the 1000 Islands, Canada.

Fishing, hiking, and boating were other entertainment. We enjoyed a lot at the fishing spots in Kingston. Altogether it was a great experience for people of all age groups! Trust me, it would be a great experience for you too!


Kingston is superb for fishing! My friend recommended me to try these there and he was right, I had a lot of luck.