9th July 2016 - Greek Island Hopping


Anyone on this trip (9th July - 18th July) ???


Yes I am! Can’t wait! :blush:


Yay so excited. Should I create a group on Facebook so we can keep in contact before hand?


Sounds great! I would love to meet everyone that’s going. Where are you travelling from?


Here’s the link to the FB group I made :slight_smile: Anyone else on this trip… Feel free to join :slight_smile:

@Renata I’m travelling from Australia. Where abouts are you travelling from?


@Emma_Iwikau I am travelling from Australia too. Are you doing other tours or just this one?


Yep :slight_smile: I’m doing Alps and Matadors, then Bravo Italia before Greek Island Hopping :slight_smile:


I’m doing the Iberian voyager and the Eastern exposure. :blush: Try to work out if I do a pre night in Athens :grin:


@Renata okay cool. I think I’m staying in Athens for a night before we start the trip. Need to check my itinerary as its been a while. Are you travelling alone?


@Emma_Iwikau yep travelling solo. I’m going to Italy first for a wedding. I was thinking of arriving the day the tour starts. My sister booked everything for me so I’ll have to check what she’s done :blush: