9th August Mega European!


Hey everyone,

my sister and I are both going on the Mega European trip leaving the 9th of August, anyone else going on this trip?? It’s soo close, we’re both getting very excited (it’ll be nice to escape the winter weather)

xoxo :smiley:


Heeey there friend!

I’m doing this trip - Looks amazing! I know what you mean about escaping the cold weather, although I imagine it’s a little worse down here than in Brisbane hah.

Are you going to be staying in London before or after the tour?



It’s so awesome to find someone on the same trip as us, we were getting a bit worried about how lonely this page was getting. We’re arriving in london about 6 days before the tour and staying with some family and after the tour we’re going straight to Oktoberfest, but will be returning back to London after the fest is finished, around the 5th October :slight_smile: how about yourself?

P.S. yeah, I shouldn’t complain, I’m sure southern NZ is much, much colder than us right now :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s a balmy -1 tonight, so it’s not overly bad :slight_smile:

I’m going to be in London for a week or so before the tour and then spend some time in Scotland and Ireland after (well that’s the plan so far!). Oktoberfest - Nice! I was contemplating hitting that up, but thought I should go visit my brother instead. Might be a bit rude to travel all the way over there and not head across to Ireland!


Hey guys,

I’m also doing this tour and travelling alone…it is a worry there hasn’t been more people on this page haha! It’s getting so close - hard to concentrate at work these days lol. I will be arriving 2 days before the tour and just booked into the Clink for those nights as well. A few people have recommended the free London walking tour & tip 5 pound at the end - might see how the jetlag goes first though! I have a week free at the end of the tour also before I head to Asia - was thinking about Oktoberfest but was just going to see how things went. Has anyone ordered one of the ekit international sim cards with an iphone? I’m having heaps of troubles with setting it up…


Hey Everyone!

NJZ - that sounds awesome, yeah my sister and I are also going to Scotland and Ireland (we have family in Ireland too!) but that’ll be after Oktoberfest (we’re in the UK/Europe until the end of November)

Kirst83 -yeah it’s a bit of a worry, it’s strange cause the same trip but on the 2nd and the 30th seems really popular… maybe everyone else on our tours just hiding out? who knows, lol. Asia sounds amazing, where abouts are you going? I’ve only been to Cambodia, but that was an amazing country, definitely recommend you visit. Yeah we’re hoping there’s some more people from our trip heading to Oktoberfest, it sounds like its gonna be A LOT of fun. We’re going and camping, it ended up being the cheapest option :slight_smile: unfortunately we’re not doing the fest with topdeck but we’re staying in the campsite all the topdeck and contiki people do that so that’s good. Nah we’re not getting the ekit, we’re just buying a cheap, unlocked phone in the UK that we’ll be using while we’re away, seemed the cheapest and easiest option since roaming is out of this world expensive and people always seem to have issues getting sims, etc. Maybe try emailing topdeck? I think there’s also some forum topics about the ekits and Iphones.

p.s. to the both of you - how old are you both if you don’t mind me asking? I feel like I’m going to be the baby on the tour (just turned 18 six months ago) not that I really mind, I’m sure everyone will get along like a house on fire :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Louise


Louise, I’m 24. Just finished my Uni studies so I thought I should go see some of the world before I start work in November :slight_smile:


Hey Louise -
Got the sim working - yay! (it was telstra not unlocking it properly, typical lol) I’m heading to Malaysia on my way home to chill out and do my PADI scuba course on the Perhentian Islands - I went to Malaysia last year for some wind tunnel training with some other skydivers & it was really nice - heaps laid back and friendly. I’ve been to Malaysia, Thailand & Bali; the nice cheap holidays till I could get a few months off at a time :slight_smile: - I was also born in NZ but have been in Aus since 5yrs old so have no accent at all - yet a kiwi passport,lol! visit there every two years though and it really is beautiful. I’m 27 (going on 21! hehe jk) - I was thinking about the camping deals too with Oktoberfest but I fly out on the sunday night, topdeck ends the mon night so i only really have 5-6 days and I think most of the camping trips were for over the weekend - i would probably miss my plane to KL haha - see what happens - would be a shame to be over there & not go to it. How old is your sister thats going on the tour? I really hope a few more people jump on this thread soon!


wow that sounds great, my sister & I are both planning on doing the sky dive in Switzerland, it looks like a heap of fun :slight_smile: She’s 20, turning 21 while we’re on the tour in September. I can’t wait for more people to comment on this, I want a nice full bus! haha. I can’t believe the tour is like only a month away, so so close!! Have you got your packages from Topdeck yet? We haven’t unfortunately, but our travel agent is away so fingers crossed we get them soon. :slight_smile:


Hey guys!

Another member of the trip has arrived!! I’m doing this trip solo up until we return from Athens after sailing, I’m now totally wishing I booked the longer trip! I’m going to London to stay at the Clink hostel on the 8th. There’s another forum for the grand European tour that people have been on which includes our tour group.

I’m 21 and finally got the itinerary through yesterday - I cannot wait to go!! I booked this in January so it’s been a long time coming!