9 Days Sinai Horizons


Hello, I have booked the Sinai Horizons trip for 20 September. Just woundering if there is anyone else going on the same trip.[br][br]Plus if anyone has done the trip, what was it like, how much did you spend per day etc.[br][br]Hope to hear from people :slight_smile:


Hello Vikkers[br][br]I’m doing the Sinai Horizons tour on December 13. Sorry I cant help u with any info.[br]But i was wondering,…When you get back can you tell me what it was like and what to expect?[br][br]R u doing the trip on ur own? I am and I’m very nervous, but also very excited.[br][br]I hope you have an Amazing time!


Hello[br][br]Yes no problem I will keep you updated when I get back. I will be going on my own but the travel agent said that most people that book these trips usually go solo. I really can’t wait to go now!! :sunglasses: