8th June 2010 Grand European/Roman Chariot


I’m going on this tour! Just booked it today :slight_smile: So excited, not long at all.


Yeah that is what got me to choose this tour…I was first looking at doing a hotel tour but I thought that this one would be a more social one. I have never been to Europe before and I’m doing it alone. I’m 26 and I’m from Canada. It was really just this year that I got the travel bug and want to see as much of the world as I can as well as meet tons of people. Are you two going to be staying at the Clink before hand? When are you arriving in London? Oh and my name is Amber by the way :slight_smile:


When you booked your room at the Clink, how many person room did you choose? I’m arriving in the UK on the 3rd of June and going to Edinburgh then onto London day or two later. I will be be doing the whole tour back to London.
Jealous that you’re already packing. I have attempted packing a few times…but I am having so many problems with trying to decided on what to bring and what to leave here. Being gone for that long I want to make sure I’m packed and prepared for all situations haha Damn weight restrictions!!!

That would be fantastic meeting up before hand for drinks…also maybe give the other help on getting to the bus on time the first day…that 6-6:30 check in…hope I don’t sleep in :slight_smile:

Is there a country/city that on the tour you or your boyfriend are really looking forward to going to?


I too am a shopaholic, I’m going to really TRY to not buy a lot while over there. Its going to be hard from what I hear.
I am SOO looking forward to Italy, I think it may be my number 1. Spain and the French Riviera are up there as well. I think that Monaco will be just lovely and fun, getting all dressed up. I think that every stop I’m really looking forward to, especially since they’re all so full of history!
I’m from Ontario. I live in a city just outside of Toronto. Western Canada is quite different than over here, a lot of people describe it is more relaxed out there. Where in Australia are you guys from?
I’m going to be taking a suitcase. I know a lot of people on here recommend a backpack, but I’m more of a suitcase person. I think it will suck wheeling it everywhere and I do know that I could handle carrying it upstairs…something that a lot warn about. I just think I’d have more room. I just need to check the measurements of it. What about you? Also, since you’ve travelled quite a lot any suggestions of what to pack that might get overlooked or ideas on what to leave out?


Hi, i am also going on this tour!!! my name is Cat, i’m from melbourne and i’m traveling on my own. i’m so excited… i will be arriving in london on the 7th and am staying at clinks that night. we should definately meet for a drink??


Your advice and tips are AMAZING!!! Way more than I could ever possibly ask for, thank you so much!!! I work retail and I am still in school. Half completed a couple programs, can’t make up my mind as to what I really want to do. I’m actually going to be travelling to The Gold Coast next year for my friends’ wedding and staying there a couple weeks and have a vacation as well.
I’ve been looking around the malls for a little messenger bag. I’m picturing in my head one sort of small so it won’t get in the way and black…or patterned if I find one that I like but, I’m starting to think I’m making this up LOL. I keep finding large bags. Its alright…just under a month to find one.
The one thing that actually has me nervous is that the volcano in Iceland is going off again and causing delays and such. It better be done for June 2nd when I fly out.
Are you and Ryan looking at doing any of the the optional activities? I think I want to try and see if I could do all of them. I’m really interested in the skydiving. Its very out of character for me…so it also leaves me unsure. I am scared of heights. hahaha But I am still thinking of it and also trying to budget for all the optionals.


Hi Cat

I’m also travelling on my own and its my first time to Europe. I’m travelling from Canada. I think that all of us getting together before hand is a must!!!


Hi Yana and amber, great to chat to both of you!! Im 27 and have traveled overseas before but never on my own. Out of the places on the tour i have been to london, paris and rome before but still very excited to go again. i went to greece in 2006 with my now ex boyfriend…it was amazing, its definately one of my favourite places in the world! i’m ending the tour in rome and then i’m not sure if i’ll go straight to greece or spend a week or two in italy and then onto greece. I’ve actually got a ticket thats valid for a year so i’d like to see most of europe. I manage a fashion boutique in melbourne so i’m very into my fashion… can’t wait to go shopping!!! ooh the weeks are flying, before you know it we will all be talking in person :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’m going to be so protective of my camera, especially if I buy a new one as well. Yana, I like the ipad idea that you had mentioned. I would so do it, if I wouldn’t be even more worried for the safety of that. I’ve also heard that Gypsies are out in force this year.
I’m sort of wondering if either of you know what security in hostels are like? As when I go out sight seeing, all my belongs left there? I ask because hostels over here don’t really have the best reputation.
It really is going so fast!!! Exactly 3 weeks today that I’m leaving for the UK! I’m going to be spending a couple days in Scotland before I head down to London. I wish I had more time, I’d love to get up to the highlands…its where my family came from. When I’m over there I want to see as many things that I can, its looking like 2 days in Scotland and 3 days in London. Its going to be hard to fit in everything…but I’m certainly going to try. Yana, since you lived there any suggestions on places and things to check out, aside from the major tourist places…I will definitely be hitting all those up lol


Hi Yana,

Yeah, the ipads aren’t out here yet either but they are available for pre-order. I think they out a day or so before I leave. Another reason for me to not get it…the fact that I would have to bring the instruction manual and learn along the way haha.
I’m going to be taking the train into London. Yeah, the reason I chose train is so that I’d be able to see more. (rather than just clouds). Stonehenge is on the list as is pretty much everything!!! A friend of mine gave me her Lonely Plant book for London to borrow. Its a great tool, it has so many places listed…even places to eat organized by type of food.
If I was to say…get a chain or the zip ties to secure my suitcase to the bed. Is this something that is common? or would people be thinking I don’t trust them and really stand out?


Hi Yana, I am absolutely taking a pair of heels!!! I am going to take a pair of thongs, walking shoes, sandals (for when we go for dinner somewhere that heels are too dressy and walking shoes are too casual) and a pair of heels (i love dressing up to go out) I’m soooo excited!!!


hey all, I’m joel, 23 from Sydney and I’m doing the Roman Chariot tour (then the Eastern Wonderer leg a week later). I leave for overseas on Saturday and came on here for some travel tips (thanks for those, yana!).
After 10 days in Thailand, I get to London on 1st June and am staying at the Clink on the 7th, so I’ll be in on that drink y’all are talking about - can’t wait!


Hey Joel, Are you traveling on your own? what do you do in Sydney? Definately all have to meet for a drink the night before the tour starts!


Hey Joel, welcome! What are you doing in the week between your 2nd tour? I was originally planning on that tour being my 2nd leg aswell but my sister took 3 weeks deciding weather she would come or not, so I gave up on her and went to book it and it was full!!!

I was sooo mad!! So that changed my plans a little so Im now on the one a week later starting back in Venice, so I just need to do my time killing in the UK and somewhere else before flying back to Italy.

Actually hopefully all you guys might be able to give Me the tips on whats good in which places after Rome! So I get the heads up before I get to do it!

We went & had our swine & flu vaccines done yesterday, The doctor said I had to have the Typhoid & Hep A vaccines aswell!!! Ryan didnt have to get the other vaccines though, I think I only needed them because we go through croatia. ?? Seems like more vaccines than when I went to thailand!


yep, travelling on my own, although before and after the tours I’ll be meeting up with mates at various points around Europe.

in the week after this topdeck tour, I’m heading up to Genoa (northern italy) for my bday to see a friend, travel around etc. Then I’ll head on over to Venice for the next tour.

and I got those vaccines yesterday (swine and typhoid/hep A)… my arm still hurts :frowning: haha

I can’t believe I leave on Saturday… so much to do…


Everyone i forgot to say before, it’s my birthday on the 9th june YAY… you all better be up for going out and celebrating!!! Joel after we finish in rome i think i am making my way up to Livorno in tuscany, maybe we can catch the train together??


Hi Joel, welcome!!

Yana, I don’t wear heels much. I would love to wear gorgeous heels, live it up like Sex and the City…but at almost 5’9" …I’m taller than a lot of guys…so i opt for flats or VERY small heels.

Cat, there will definitely be celebrating for your birthday!!!

Time has flown so quick! I have lost track of time and now I’m just rushing around trying to get everything done all at once. I heard on the weekend that the London airports shut for a bit… the wind better stay calm and the volcano relax for a bit!!!


Yana, that’s not something to wish haha I think you’re lucky. You sort of get the best of both worlds. Being short you get to wear sexy heels and then be tall haha.

I’m taking care of the phone situation this week. I’m going to get something just for the trip…my cell phone company was no help. I’m also going to be calling the bank and letting themknow I’m heading overseas so that they won’t cancel any of my cards.

I’m going for shots this week. I’m not looking forward to it at all. I’m such a baby LOL


The trip is soo much closer now!!! I can’t believe I leave here in 5 days for the UK. Time is going so fast and it seems like there is so much to do still.
I think I will be bringing heels to wear with a dress that I’m bringing, seems that everyone really dresses up for Monaco.
I got the Lonely Planet Phrasebook. It has 15 languages in it! I’ve been practicing, but my accent for languages is awful LOL.
I’ve tried packing my suitcase a couple times but keep redoing it as it weighs too much, or cannot fit everything in. Its so hard to pack for a trip away from home for just over a month. I have the weekend off work to focus the next couple of days on it.
How are you guys doing with your packing?


Same here, I haven’t had anytime at all. I figure that’s something that I can do on the plane ride. Yeah I’m thinking it won’t be that cold and I hope not rainy. I’m bringing along a spring jacket. I just want to try and be prepared for anything. However I’m not too good with packing, so i probably forgot a tonne of essentials. haha oops!
My plane leaves in about 7 hours!! I’m starting to get a little nervous. Trying to go over every last detail and make sure everything is all good.
We’ve been under extreme heat alerts over here the past couple weeks, so arriving in Scotland and having it 10degrees cooler than here will be nice. Its also calling for sun in London for the days that I’m spending there.
I arrive at the Clink on Monday afternoon and was thinking a little sightseeing. I know you mentioned that you were going to go see friends, right? When would you guys be back at the Clink at? Hmmm, I’m not sure what the best way is to recognize each other will be. I’m not sure what its like there so I can’t think of the set a time and meeting place thing.