8 day Sailing through Croatia Split


Hi,[br]Wanted to know what time the tour ends when we make our way back to Split and have an early breakfast. The reason being is because I have a flight at 8:50 in the morning from Split to Vienna, and wanted to know whether there was any point booking it because I might not make it in time.[br]Can someone please advise me.


Hi,[br][br]I read in the guide, breakfast is served around 7.30 and you have to be ready to go at 9 (but all times etc are subject to change). I dont know if you would be able to leave before if the boat is back, but you might be pushing it.[br][br]Sorry, thats not much help, good luck!


Thanks, that’s a huge help.[br]Also Croatia have their own currency don’t they, they’re not with the euro?


yep thats right, its Croatian Kuna i think, HRK or somethin