8/5/18- 31/5/18 Spirit of Europe :))))


Hey guys!! I just booked the Spirit of Europe starting on May 8th 2018 and I’m uber excited! This is my first Europe trip and I’m travelling solo, so I’m also pretty darn nervous. Who else has booked this tour??? Xxxxxxxxx


Heyy! Same here, travelling solo and it’s my first time too :smiley: Look forward to meeting you.


I’ve also booked this tour and I’m also a solo traveler! So nervous about doing it solo but I know I’ll have a great time :slight_smile:


Yay! Same here, super nervous about doing it solo too! I have not travelled alone before so this is perfect :slight_smile: Is anyone based in Auckland? We would organise a group catch up so we all get to know each other a wee bit if we want to before hand?


I’m based in Perth. I’ll be arriving in London on the 30th of April so I’m definitely up for a meet up before the trip!


Hi all,

I am Jaz from Melbourne. I will be in London on 29th April, and will join this trip from Rome (Eastern Spirit). I will also be staying in London later till mid June after this trip.

Feel free to reach out for a meet up here in Melbourne or London.