7th may 2017 Northern exposure / red star special


Hey just trying to find people that will be on this tour :blush:


Hi Missmanda.
I will be doing the northern exposure part of the tour from the 7th.

Solo traveller from NSW, Australia :slight_smile:

Are you doing the full tour?



Hey will :blush: im just doing the northern exposure part like you then heading to egypt for a tour. Im from the gold coast :grin: good to finally meet someone on the tour!


nice to meet you too :smiley:

Judging from the tourradar website I think between the different tours it will be a pretty full bus- can’t wait :slight_smile:

Egypt would be amazing! It is certainly on my “one day list” haha.


Oh yeah cool i just looked on the tour radar site says 13 spots left. Have u talked to anyone else from the tour yet?


No I haven’t come across anyone else yet- probably 95% will be Aussies I guess. haha. Have you talked to anyone else?

On the last tour I went on one of the guys set up a FB group beforehand. So I might do the same closer to the day…


Haha yeah always alot of aussies! The only other person I’ve talked to is the friend thats coming with me haha feel free to add me on facebook if u want then we can set up a page? Amanda helena


excellent- sounds good.
thanks for that. I just sent the friend request :smiley:


Hey everyone. Im Dylan from Brisbane. Doing the reindeers n russians part of the red star tour.


Hey, I’m Steph from Canada! Will be on the northern exposure part of the trip!


Awesome more people! Just created a facebook group for the tour if u guys wanna join it


Hi everyone!
I’m Laura from Adelaide :slight_smile: I’m doing the whole Red Star Special.
Looking forward to meeting you all xxx


Hi All!

My partner and I are doing the Scenic Scandi from 14 May - Sun 28 May - I THINK we may join the Red Star Special in Oslo. I am unsure but it seems to work out. We are from Port Pirie in South Australia, more Aussies!!! =)


Hey guys!

I’m doing the scandi express part of the tour which starts in Berlin on the 7th, and stay with the tour until Norway. So excited!
I’m from the Gold Coast in Australia :blush:


Hi :slight_smile: I’m Laura from Mexico, I’m doing the Scandi Express part of the tour.


Hi, I’m Sarah from England. I’m going to be doing all of the red star special.[quote=“missmanda89, post:1, topic:19750, full:true”]
Hey just trying to find people that will be on this tour :blush:



i have just booked this tour and would love to hear your thoughts about it and any trips or tricks you have would be great

thanks stephanie