7th June 09 Mega European


Hi,[br][br]Just booked my trip…Mega European leaving on the 7th June and just wondering if anyone else has booked it?[br][br]I’m travelling on my own and would love to chat to people on the same tour or even people who have done it and their experiences and such![br][br]Amanda.


Hey Amanda,[br][br]I’m on the same tour and traveling by myself as well. I’m staying 3 nights either side of the tour in London, and am looking for accommodation near where the tour departs. Any suggestions?[br][br]Cheers,[br]Luke.


Hey,[br][br]Good to know there’s atleast 1 other person on the tour![br][br]I heard that the tours were changing from The Globetrotter Inn so I’m waiting to hear more about where the tour will be leaving from before booking anything. Whereever we leave from I’m sure there will be a backpackers or something nearby :slight_smile: [br][br]Amanda


It’s been confirmed that the tour will leave from the Generator Hostel so I’m guessing I’ll be staying there the day before the trip.[br][br][br]http://www.generatorhostels.com/en/london[br][br]Amanda.


Thanks Amanda. I’m sure the tour will be fairly full by the time we leave… about 3.5 mths to go![br]My travel agent said budgeting on 60 euro a day is reasonable, but this seems a lot to me since most of the meals are included. Does this seem reasonable? I’d love to hear from people who have done the tours before as well.[br][br]Thanks,[br]Luke.


Hi amanda and luke.[br][br]Im also booked on this tour and also travelling alone on the tour.[br]Thanks by the way for posting the new departure location.[br]I might very well have gone to the globetrotter if i hadnt read that.[br][br]Look forward to chatting to you guys before meeting for the trip.[br][br]Rob.


Hi Guys,[br][br]I’m so glad there are a couple of others travelling alone! [br][br]Where are you all from? [br][br]I’m from Australia and am already in the UK…have been here for a month now and just working in a hotel waiting for the trip to start…[br][br]Cheers,[br]Amanda


Hi guys.[br][br]Also from Australia here. Western Sydney.[br][br]This tour for me is one part of a larger trip im doing for a little over 3 months. I cant wait to get out there, and this is to be my first trip out of Australia.[br][br]Did you need to get any visas for this tour? My travel agent has been quite useless answering my questions about what visas i do and dont need, and some of the consulate websites have no info on visas at all.[br]Might have to go to another travel agent to sort them out i think.


Hi all[br][br]Im also booked on the same tour, and am travelling solo. Glad to hear there are a few of us also travelling on our own. Not long to go now![br][br]Im from Australia also, Canberra. [br][br]Rob - im going to the travel agents tomorrow to finalise everything and i’ll let you know what i find out![br][br]Kate


Hey Amanda,[br][br]I’m not on your tour, I’m on a July one, but I noticed you said you have been living in the uk for a month?[br]I’m actually going to live in london after my tour in july and have my 2 year youth mobility visa ready to go.[br]I’m going over solo. Was it hard to get work over there??[br]:)[br][br]Colina[br][br]…grand european…[br]…July 28th 2009…


Hi kate.[br][br]Any info you get on your visas would be very helpful and greatly appreciated. I will be going to another travel agent later in the week to try and sort this out.[br][br]Cant wait til it leaves.


Hi everyone,[br][br]There must be a few aussies on this tour… i’m from Melbourne. At the moment i’m just taking some time off from studying to save some $$$ before the trip.[br]Yeah my travel agent was very vague about visas as well so any info would be great.[br][br]Luke.


Hi All,[br][br]I’m travelling on a NZ passport and I know I don’t need any visas for this trip so I think Australian passports would be similar but I’m not 100% sure.[br][br]I came over to London in January and had a job within a week. I guess I was quite lucky but as long as your willing to work (bar / hotel sort of work) you should be fine! Check gumtree.co.uk and there a new jobs posted all the time![br][br]Only 3.5 months to go! yay…[br][br]Does anyone have any ideas on what optional extras they will be doing?[br][br]Amanda.


Hi Guys.[br][br]I downloaded the detailed intinerary for the 2008 tours late last year and it has a list on the back of som of the optional extras, listed by country. Im sure there must be more than just these ones, but they are the only ones listed. Im assuming they will give us the list for our tour sometime soon.[br] [br]Anyhow, these are the ones they had for 2008 mega european.[br][br]france:[br]Paradis Latin Cabaret Show 54euros[br]Fat Tyre Bike Tour 20euros[br]Seine river Cruise 8euros[br][br]Spain:[br]Flamenco Show 30euros[br][br]Switzerland:[br]Jungfrau Excursion 130 swiss francs approx[br]Mountain Biking 35 swiss francs approx[br][br]Italy:[br]gondola ride around venice canals 18.5euros[br]commemorative t-shirts, hoodies, etc from 17.5euros[br][br]Turkey:[br]Belly Dancing and folklore show inc dinner and drinks 30pounds[br]Bosphorus Cruise 15pounds[br][br]Austria:[br]Schnapps Museum 6euros[br]Vienna concert orchestra 30euros[br]Dinner After orchestra 15euros[br][br]Germany:[br]Third Reich walking tour 9euros[br][br]Netherlands:[br]evening canal cruise inc. drinks 27euros[br]heineken experience 10euros.[br][br]As i said this is last years list of optional excursions. [br]Some of them do sound like a lot of fun though.[br]Hopefully we will recieve an updated list soon.[br][br]Rob.[br]


Hi guys. [br][br]Tours coming up quick, cant wait til the day finally gets here.[br][br]Just wondering what u guys are taking luggage wise. Suitcase or backpack? Im thinking backpack might be easier. Really dont know though, never travlled far enough that ive needed anything more than a small backpack.[br]


Hi Rob[br][br]Im taking a backpack - i think it’s going to be easier for me as im travelling before and after the trip and backpacking around, staying in hostels etc. Mine can open up all the way around though, like a suitcase.I recommend one similar so it’s easier packing/unpacking it on the tour each day. [br][br]My travel agent still hasn’t got back to me re the visa situation. Will keep you posted if i hear anything![br][br]Cant wait! Not long now.


Hey guys,[br][br]Im not on your tour but Im travelling may 2nd on the european getaway, cant wait![br]I think you guys might find this useful in relation to visas for your tour. It made things alot clearer for me.[br]Have a wicked time![br][br]James[br]+European Getaway 2nd May 09


Sorry i forgot to paste in the link it is http://www.topdecktours.co.uk/content.asp?Document_ID=1963.[br]The page gives you a full list of the countries topdeck goes to and what visas you need for the different countries…hope it helps.[br][br][br]James[br]“European Getaway” 2nd May 09[br]E: Aussie_embassy@hotmail.com


Hi kate.[br][br]Neighbour of mine has leant me their backpack so will msot likely take that. Rather than spend a fortune on luggage. Plus its not like u can drag lugggae across gravle and stuff likely to be in the camping grounds.[br][br]I spoke to a second travel agent about my visas just the other week. She did confirm for me that i basically need no visas for anywhere im going. Except turkey which is $20 US on arrival. So have to keep some US cash on us for that. And that was it. Which is good. So assuming u should be the same. I just walked into flight centre and they checked for me on the spot.[br][br]Rob.


Hi everyone,[br][br]Just booked my accom at the generator hostel for a couple of nights before and after the tour. Is anyone else staying there as well? If so it’d be good to drink some beers before we all head off.[br][br]Not long now…[br]Luke.