6 day Pronto - Running of the bulls



Just wondering if anyone else will be going on the 6 day Pronto on the 4th July - 9th? London to Pamplona

This will be my first solo trip. It wasn’t my original plan to travel alone but I’m sure to meet some new like minded people on the way.

Would be great to hear from anyone doing or that have done this tour before. Maybe even meet up with other people travelling solo.

I’m trying to do as much travelling as I can. There so much I want to see. :slight_smile:



Hey Emily

I am doing the Fiesta which I think is the same but is just one way. I am doing to stretch solo too, hopefully going to be a fantastic, crazy, eventful time


Hey im doing the Picador leaving on the 4th as well, you both staying in London the day before? im traveling solo also but have done a topdeck trip before. feel free to add me on facebook for any tips or anything. http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/profile.php?id=793185426



hey, also doing the 6 day pronto solo as well, done heaps solo always make heaps of friends, nothing to worry about, gonna be a great time!!!


Hi Emily,

My boyfriend and I are travelling around Europe for 2 months. This trip is halfway into our trip. All our tours are with topdeck. Has anyone been on this trip before and have any tips?