6 and a half weeks to go


Just wondering if anyone else is going on the Spirit of Europe on the 15th September?[br][br]Jac :)[br][br]Jacinta :slight_smile:


Hi. I’m not on that tour - but i will be at the Generator the night before… if you are too…[br][br]Amanda[br][br]Eastern Spirit 12th August 2009[br]&[br]Roman Chariot 15th September 2009


Cool, I’ll be there too - we’ll have to have a drink! ;D[br][br]Jacinta :slight_smile:


Count me in too :)[br][br]Will be at the generator 12th-15th. That place looks wild - sleeps up to 800 people!


Cool Tash - see ya there! :)[br][br]Jacinta :slight_smile:


Me too, se ya then kidletts[br]


Hey there, [br][br]I am on the tour from the 15th Spirit of Europe, with my Sister.[br][br]Arriving Generator on the 12th also… hope everyone brings their drinking shoes![br][br]See you there