5 points you should know about choosing a travel app


As a traveler, we usually meet lots of problems before or during our travels, even some of which are so troublesome to ruin the travel. Sad!
Fortunately, with the development of mobile internet, there are already plenty of travel apps for travelers to choose, and they indeed help us a lot.
But how to choose a good travel app for yourself among so many apps?
Wise see wisdom, but there are five points you could refer to:

1.The APP should have authentic and detailed information
These information are about attractions including interesting places, comfortable residences, convenient routes and many more. Traditionally, travelers often make travel strategies through searching and collecting information from guidebook before their travels, or even bring a guidebook directly in their tour. Thinking about making those strategies and cumbersome books, they sometimes will make the travel boring and disappointed.
So, an APP providing detailed attraction information and rich tour guide is necessary for you, especially the new traveler, which can save lots of troubles and time for you. Besides, the information provided like prices and opening time should be authentic from the official websites, so that you can enjoy a travel without wrong information.

2.The APP should have travel planner
Today, when we plan to have a travel, we usually hope to watch more scenic spots, experience more interesting thing, so a good travel plan is indispensable to your travel. However, lots of people are not good at planning travel because there are too many factors need to be think over like money, time, traffic and so on. So it will be a hard work for a green hand in travel, particularly traveling in a place for the first time.
Therefore, an app with travel planner will be a perfect choice if it can offer you suggested itinerary fitting your available time and interests, or you can make plan by yourself on it any time anywhere.

3.The APP should have map with specific functions
Many travelers usually face the problem that they often get lost in a new place, especially a large city. So a map with specific functions like navigation is needed in your travel APP instead of opening other map apps, though you can achieve this on your Google Map. What’s more, a tour map where attractions and facilities are shown with a symbol is also a practical function, so you can find your targeted places very easily.

4.The APP should support offline service
As the above-mentioned functions contain too many contents as texts, images and map, this APP should support pre-downloading lest costing high roaming cellphone traffic.

5.The APP should help you catch more beautiful things
If we travel in a place, we always want to have more memorable experiences like tasting fate, living in an unique residence and experiencing the local culture, but sometimes we may miss some beauties for some reasons. But if this APP could show us scenic spots in our area at anytime and offer a suggested itinerary, then what a wonderful product it will be! With this function, you will never worry about missing beautiful things.

These five points are what we can think about when choosing a travel APP. But, you may have question: is it really possible to get such a useful APP ?
The answer is YES!
Tourank APP is born to terminate your top travel problems.
As a mobile guidebook with the ever-detailed, latest and authentic information of attractions it has travel planner, offline map, and navigation that all make your travel easy and fun.
It offers you:
-Get information of your destinations in every respect before your arrival.
**-Get suggested plans that fit your available time and interest or make plan trips by yourself. **
-Have an unique and personal theme travel on Tourank like family travel, couple travel, etc.
-All texts, images and maps can be used offline at any time after downloading in advance.
-Find important attractions,events or service in your area and get one-click navigation on innovative tour-engine map.
-Use the asking-direction function to ask the way for locals by showing them info on screen.
In brief:
Mobile guidebook+customized travel planner+smart offline map+enough attraction information= Tourank.

The innovative APP will be published on Apple Store soon. Just wait us for a while!
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