5 Day Pamplona Camping (HTPCO)


Hi all,
Just wanted to know if anyone else is doing the 5 day pamplona camping trip from the 5-9th July 2012 for the running of the bulls/san fermin festival?
Would be good to talk to some people before we get there.

Cheers! Ben.


My partner and I are! Both mid 20’s, Kiwi’s, pretty excited :smiley:


I’m doing the Fiesta (one way) with 4 friends. Did one back in 2010 and it was absolutely amazing. You’re going to have so much fun.


Awesome! Are you in europe before or afterwards or are you just doing pamplona?

Me and my mate are in London from 4th May then doing a Grand European tour then chilling with relatives in Germany then back down to pamplona.


My friend and I are! We’re from Virginia, USA. We’ll be traveling around for a while, after the bull run we’re off to Barcelona. I’m so excited!