5 Aug Timeless Trail & 28 Aug Greek Island Hopping


Hi guys and girls![br][br]I have just booked these two tours for next year - YAY![br][br]I’m a friendly 22yr old Kiwi chick and I am going solo (my first time overseas :o) so I’m keen to find anyone else considering doing either of these two tours on the same dates?[br][br]5 Aug - Timeless Trail (21 days)[br]28 Aug - Greek Island Hopping (10 days)[br][br]It seems like forever away but im so excited!![br][br]Hope to hear from someone soon :)[br][br]


Hi Emma

I’m going to be on the Timeless Trail tour on 5 August!

I’m from Australia, i’m traveling solo and its also my first time overseas



Hi Erin :slight_smile:

That so exciting! I thought i was never going to find someone on the same tour lol.

I’m kinda freaking about going on my own - especially with never having been overseas. Not so much while I’m going to be on the tour coz there will be heaps of people but I will probably get lost in Singapore Airport and never make it there haha.

Are you staying in London before the tour or in Athens after?


Hi Emma

It is a bit scary going alone, so I’m glad I will know someone before I get there…
ill be in London the day before the tour starts, although I’m not sure what I’m doing after the tour at this point.
How about yourself?



I’m in London staying at the Clink for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th August before the tour and staying after in Athens for 25th, 26th and 27th before I start the Greek Island Hopping tour on the 28th August.

I’m really not looking forward to the 24hr flights though! I’m spending a night in Singapore on the way back so it breaks it up a bit.

Where abouts in Aussie are you from? How old will you be on tour? (if you dont mind me asking lol)


Hi Emma and Erin,

I’m going on the 5 Aug timeless trails too! I’m from the US and am traveling solo as well. I’ll arrive in London the day before as well, glad to hear you guys will too!

I’m just starting to get organized for the trip, its a bit overwhelming!



Hi Meghan!

Its great to meet someone else on the tour. There is 6 of us on the forums now - 3 of us doing the Timeless Trail and 3 doing the full European Pioneer. The other 4 girls are from Australia and I am from NZ

I know what you mean about being overwhelmed! Although I have been planning this trip for 18 months so I have had a lot of time to get sorted. But just when I think its all done i remember like another 50 things still to do! haha.

Are you traveling anywhere else after the tour or spending any extra time in Athens?


I know what you mean, I’ve barely started to pack unfortunately haha

I wish I would of planned some time in to travel afterward, but my sister is getting married right after I return. I guess I’ll just have to plan another trip soon! How about you? Have you done any traveling like this before? -Its a first for me

I can’t wait to get the trip started, hopefully it won’t be boiling hot in August. When/where does the European Pioneer trip start?


Hey guys, just thought i’d jump on this band wagon.

I went overseas last year by myself and dont worry about being alone or anything like that. Topdeck will make sure you bunk with someone from your tour at the hostel before you depart. You’ll have plenty of time on the bus to chat and meet everyone.

All i can say is you’ll have the best time ever and im just a little jealous because i wish i was on my tour again! I met some amazing people that i am still friends with now! So enjoy and also if your not a big drinker now… you will be after your tour ;D