4th July SOE


Hi Everyone[br][br]I am going on the Spirit of Europe leaving on the 4th of July and was looking for anyone else that is thinking of doing this tour or has booked this tour.[br][br]Also just wondering whether or not someone knows if the day trip down to pompeii is included or if it is an extra.[br][br]T


TRAKKA[br]You were wondering about the pompeii side trip. I went last year and it was amazing, impressed me more than any other ancient ruins. It is an optional trip, so therefore you need to pay an entrance fee. If your group is keen, you can also hire a local guide to show you around. I dont think many would enjoy the ruins nearly as much without a local guide. Our guide brought the whole scene to life and made it so easy to imagine the life and tragedy of the people during the big eruption. It is so worth it, expect it to be hot…


Europeadventurer[br][br]Thank you so many for the information on pompeii, it sounds great.[br]