4th July, Athens to Athens, Sailing


Hey! I’m Jasmine! I’m an Australian student on a gap year with my two friends Shannon and Maddi and we’ve booked the 4th of July Athens to Athens Greek sailing tour. Just wondering if anyone else has booked it as well? Cheers x


Hey Jasmine!

We are on the exact same tour. Leaving 4th July 2015 and back to Athens on 10th July.

Is that what you are on?

I am with a mate from the Gold Coast.





I’m pretty sure I’m on this trip too. Leaving on the 4th but I thought we got back on the 11th… Hope thats right!

I’m from Brisbane but coming by myself so it’d be good to know someone I guess.




Hi Chantal,

Good to know you are on the boat too!

I just checked the itinerary, and I definitely leave on the 4th July. The last day is 10th July (Day 7). Not sure if yours is different?

Anyway, we will be there the night before. Would be good to catch up before hand. :slight_smile:

Cheers Mike



So awesome to get replies! Yeah that’s the one, we will be in Athens as well on the night before so we should all definitely catch up before the tour. I swear, Aussies are everywhere over here in Europe, excited to meet you all.

Cheers, Jas


Hi Chantal,

Yeah I think on our itinerary it says until the 10th as well? It must be the same one though…we will find out when we get there I guess. It’s always good to meet people before the tour :slight_smile:

Jas x


Yeah sounds good! Add me on Facebook. Michael Goddard :slight_smile:



I’m just wondering how you enjoyed the trip as not many reviews are available on this one.