4 July - European Getaway


Hi,[br][br]Just wondering if anyone else is booked on this trip? I can’t wait![br][br][br][br]


Hi,[br][br]I am on this tour too! Are you staying in the hotel in London the night before?[br][br]Fiona[br][br]Fiona


Hey Fiona! [br]Great to hear from someone else on the tour.[br][br]I am planning on staying at the Generator the night before and the night after the tour. I am doing the tour solo and am very excited cause its my first time in europe. What are your plans?[br][br]Belinda.[br][br]


Hi Belinda,[br][br]I am staying at the hotel the night before the tour too and possibly after. [br][br]I am also doing the tour solo, it’s nice to hear from someone else who is doing the tour solo. [br][br]Are you from Australia? I am from England, so I have been to a few places in Europe, but out of the countries on the tour I have only been to France (and obv England!)[br][br]Let me know if you want to meet up in the hotel the night before. [br][br]Fiona[br][br]Fiona


Hey Fiona,[br][br]Yep I’m from Australia. Living in Melbourne.[br][br]I am definately keen to meet up the night before the tour. Hopefully I won’t be too jetlagged cause I am flying into London that morning. Planning on checking out London during the day to keep me awake. [br][br]Well hopefully we get more ppl to join us as it gets closer! [br][br][br]Belinda


Hi Belina,[br][br]Ok sounds good. I am not sure what time I will be getting to London yet. [br][br]Do you know where you want to go in London or are you just wondering around. I lived in London for a year, so let me know if there’s any q’s you have I could help with. [br][br]Yeah it would be good if there were more people on our tour that wanted to meet up too.[br][br]Fiona