4 Day Edinburgh Hogmanay 2012 - 2013 (EFNEH4)


Hi, Is anyone else booked in for this yet?

I’m based in London and have just booked 4 Day Hogmanay and 4 day Belgium for Christmas.

Am counting down the days!



Hi Danielle,

Im booked in on this one also! Im flying in from Australia the day before…

Cant wait!


Hi Danielle.

I am also based in London. I have booked the 4 day Hogmanay and the 4 day Belgium Christmas too!
Not too long to wait now :slight_smile:



Is anyone going on this trip ? The 4 day Edinburgh Hogmanay ? :slight_smile:


Yes :slight_smile: I havn’t booked yet but I think I will tonight!


Hi guys!

I have just booked this trip - can’t wait! I’m based in London too and travelling solo - if anyone is keen for a drink/meet & greet before the trip let me know! :slight_smile:



Hey Jenni!

I would love too…do you guys have facebook or another way of contact rather than here ? my link is




looks like I just missed out on this one - fully booked! :’(


Yay can’t wait to meet you all! my second christmas away from Aus glad some of you guys are based in London as well!!