hi[br]im a 28yo aussie. i’d like to hear and get to know anyone else who’s also doing this same tour.[br]my email alicelew@iprimus.com.au


Hi Alice,[br]My fiance and I (from Australia) are doing this tour too, can’t wait. We are staying at the globetrotter the night before are you? Do you have any suggestions about luggage packs. I just read that you can’t take external framed luggage. Do you think that means you can’t take roller bags??


Hi Guys, [br][br]Picked up my travel docs today for this tour. Just had a bit of a sticky on the internet at the hotels we are staying at for this tour and as a result i’m now getting excited :)[br]As for external frame luggage i think that’s in regards to backpacks with metal frames not suitcases with rollers…well i hope so anyways cause i’m taking a suitcase with rollers.[br][br]See u guys soon[br]Jane.


hi tristanc,[br]yep im staying at the globetrotter inn before the tour starts. i get in2 london on 1st july, so hopefully i will get 2 c a little bit of london before hand.[br]where in oz r u from? im from tassie[br]