36 day european pioneer


Hey everyone,
Is anyone else on this trip? I’ll be traveling solo and would be cool to meet people on here beforehand.


what date you going?


Hey Steve! I’m doing this tour solo also but starting the 6th September… Couple nights in London after tour and might b popping down to Paris for a few extra days…


Thanks for the reply, my tour is starting on the 20th of september - 25th of october i have 10 extra days at the end might be going to edinburgh and dublin. cant wait! feel free to contact me on www.facebook.com/stephen.davis.7509


Hey Steve that sounds awesome!! I added you as a friend on fb so since my tour is before yours you can check out my photos as I go along and you can get an idea of what you have to look forward too! Have fun!!


HI Steve

I am going on this trip.


HI Beck

I am going on this tour as well 6 sept.