31 Day South East Adventure (HTSEA31)


Hey there,

I am heading on this tour on August 26 2012, can’t wait! Hope to meet some fun, nice people on the tour and see the BIG 5 !

Hope to hear from you soon

Carly :slight_smile: ;D


Hi Carly.

Would you be able to share your experience with obtaining visas for all those countries? Im vey keen on joining the same tour in Dec also… Was worry about if I got enough time to sort out the visa problem and the vaccination requirement.

Thank you for your contribution.



hi tea,

I’m probably doing this tour the 30th. did you book? I don’t know about auzzie but I’m from Holland and apparently I can get my visa at the borders. maybe you can look it up at your embassy’s website in namibia? at least, thats what I did. I’m just hoping for the best :wink: The vaccination requirement shouldn’t be a problem if you take your papers with you. Hope you’re still going! can’t wait to get my confirmation email back cause then it’s official :slight_smile:



Hi There!!

I want to do this tour in September 2013.Have you guys already done this tour yet?
How was it??


Hi Tamara,
How are you?

I have just been on the 31day Suoth East Adventure, which started in Nairobi on the 30th of December. It was incredible. You see soo much and do the best things. You make life long friends, and everyone is soo friendly. The tour leader and driver are fantastic, and are really helpful with information about the destinations, and with your daily chores. I am sure you will have a fantastic time. If you have any questions about packing, or just what to do to prepare, then feel free to contact me, as happy to help