3 oct '07 Discover Europe


Hey all,[br] I’m Jason from New Zealand, and I’m booked on this trip, and Essential Egypt just afterwards, it’d be great if anyone else is going on these to say hi.[br][br][br]J.


Hey Jason,[br][br]My friend and I have just booked this tour - leaving on the 16th of May though - and we are both soooo excited. Let me know if you want any feedback from our tour before you go on yours!!![br][br]Seeya,[br][br]Siobhan.


Hi Siobhan,[br] I’d love any feedback you can offer, my trip is so far away, yet I’m already excited about going :slight_smile:


Not a problem!!! I know what you mean bout being excited. We only have 3 mths before we leave but it seems like forever. [br]My brother went on the Mega Euro camping trip last year and had a ball - and he now wants to do a trip through Egypt, so we can both compare notes when we get back ;-)[br][br]Siobhan.


Hey Guys,[br][br]Just checking if anyone else has booked this tour!!! Would love to hear from anyone leaving on the 16th May - we cant wait ;-)[br][br]Cheers,[br][br]Siobhan