3 days!


Helloo! I can’t believe there’s only 3 days to go!!! The excitement has hit me good and proper now!!! [br]I still haven’t packed because I only came home from Uni for the summer last week and everything’s a bit of a mess. I’ll be packing tomorrow and I’m off into town to get my Euros and Swiss Francs in a minute. I have a new camera and back pack (which I hope isn’t too big!) and I’ve booked nights at the Generator Hostel in London for the 5th & 19th Aug. Will anyone else be at this Hostel on Weds 5th Aug???[br]Anyway, hope everyone’s packing is going smoothly!? Can’t wait to meet you.[br]Jaz


sorry - please ignore this! i meant to reply to a topic, not post a new one.