3 Day Dubai Stopover


I’m thinking of doing the 3 day Dubai Stopover but i realized it’s unguided has any solo traveler done this before? Was it safe? Any tips?


Hey Karla,

mid last year I did 4 topdecks back to back, and finished in Dubai on the way home. I did it all by myself…& this was the safest I felt compared to anywhere, on all my travels. Solo female travellers are super safe and able to walk around day or night without being bothered.

Everyone is polite and super helpful. One of thee highlights of my trip was deciding to stop in dubai fora few nights. i cannot wait to go back.


Hi Karla,

I have done Dubai twice and I’m going back again towards the end of this year.
I absolutely love Dubai and not once have I felt unsafe.

Just remember to follow their laws! Cover up and just be careful around Ramadan when you can’t eat in public during the day. Hotels are good though, they will still have food available for you but you won’t be able to go out during the day.

I’ve seen girls walk around with denim shorts on and a lot of angry eyes followed them (including my own) until someone told them they had to go and change.

Have a great trip!!


Thanks for the input I think I’ll give it a shot


Thanks for the advice :blush: I’ll give it a shot


thanks for this info