2nd august mega european!


Hey everyone,
I booked my tour today, apparently it’s pretty much full! I’m just wondering where everyone is coming from!? :slight_smile:
J x x


Hey I’m going on this tour too just booked it and there were only like 3 spaces left so pretty full, my name is Karli… I’m from Adelaide as well! :slight_smile:

Are you staying in London at all before the tour?


oh yay! that’s so exciting! And yeah I’m staying in london for a few days… one night at the clink at the moment. I fly in on the 30th of July :slight_smile: What about you!?! x x


Hey girls,
I’m going on this tour as well. are you both solo travellers?
I’ll be in London at the clink from July 26th.
I’ll be coming from the Gold Coast.
It’s good to see some others on this tour. ;D

Cheers, Bree


Yeah I’m definitely travelling solo!
Are you two taking suitcases or backpacks…? (I know everyone asks that question but I really dont know if I want to buy a backpack) x x


I’m travelling solo too. I think I get into London on 28th July atm I’m at the clink for one night before we leave but not sure about the other nights. I think I’m taking a backpack…only coz Ive been told its easier to lug around especially when were not on tour :slight_smile:


Hi girls, Im travelling with my boyfriend Rhys. Im taking a soft top suitcase with wheels and he is taking a backpack. I bought the suitcase last year for Bali and it worked really well so it saved me the expence of buying a backpack. We are arriving on the 31st of july and are staying at the Clink before and after. Cant wait


Hey all,
I got a new backpack to take but I am planning on doing a lot of back packing in the future so that’s what I’m taking but i think either would be ok. A suitcase maybe more organised? Personal choice I guess.
So is anyone else staying at the clink for more than one night?
It’s great to be chatting to you guys. I didn’t realise the tour was so full. That’s great.



Hi Jessica, Karli, Bree and Merryn

I am going on this trip too! I am getting so excited!

I am going to be staying at the Clink for probably 2 days before the trip and 2 days afterwards.

I think I am going to take a suitcase as my main bag and a small-ish backpack as a day bag. I have heard that sometimes taking a backpack as a main bag can be a bit tricky when it comes to finding things but it is probably easier to get around with…

I am travelling solo as well - so i was a little nervous but i feel a little better now know that there are others travelling solo :slight_smile:



Hey guys!!
I am on this trip too - travelling with my boyfriend Isaac. So freakin excited!! Less than 2 months away now!!
We are from NZ but have been living just out of London for 6 months saving up for this trip!!
Will probably stay at the Clink the night before.
Alison xx :slight_smile:


Carly i was nervous too. but apparantly about half the people on these tours are usually solo travellers which makes me feel better. :slight_smile:
There are alot of aussies on this tour. I wonder if we will get many others?
How much spending money are you guys planning on taking?
Cant wait to meet you all… about 56 days to go!!! ;D


oh wow! i didnt realise it was only like 56 days to go… haha that’s pretty soon!
I’m still working out my spending money! and im also doing some travelling around after the tour and also heading to canada for a little bit so cant go spending everythign on the 49 days! hehe… what were you thinking? :slight_smile:
oh and im currently stay at the clink for the day before, but i think i might make that two!
x x


oh wow, i love canada! i cant wait to go back there! its amazing.
im planning on $6,000 spending money, but if i have left overs then thats great! i would just prefer to have extras than not enough. lol.
That’s great, ill be at the clink for 7 nights before so ill see you there!
i’m way to excited!!! ;D ;D


Im still trying to work out my spending money as well, was planning on taking about $5000 as that gives me about $100 per day. But I’m going to be traveling for 4 months in total so am just trying to save up as much as I can. where abouts in canada are you going jessica? I’m flying from London to NY after the tour and was thinking of going up to Toronto and Montreal.


Hey Kids! My sister Kim and I are from Melbourne and will be on board too! Hazaah! Can’t wait for this trip to start, we’re both absolutely sick trying to save money and not having any fun! (my europe diet has beeing going on for a month and i am STARVING) We’re both taking backpacks btw, but we have ones that unzip along the length of the bag, a bit like a suitcase. We’ll be at Clink for the weekend before the tour takes off, we hope we’ll see you all down at the bar on the monday night for some for a few beers :slight_smile:


hey karli, I am going to toronto, because I have family that live just out of the city :slight_smile: they also have a apartment in toronto that i can use! I was also thinking that a weekend or so in NY could be a bit of fun!

ps. beth, I tried a europe diet … it lasted 2 days haha we shoudl all defintiely catch up for a few drinks the day before we leave! :slight_smile:



I too am trying to save up as much as i can and hoping for a minimum of $100 a day :slight_smile:

I have a question about visas:

From what i can tell i only need to get one visa, which is for Turkey, but you get that at the border. Does anybody know if we need to get one for any of the other countries?

Thanks :slight_smile:




Hey Carly,
from what my travel agent said we do only need the one which we get at the border for about US$20. I hope thats all we need anyway haha.

Hi Beth, i will definantly see you at the bar over that weekend ;D.

Cheers, Bree


[font=Verdana][color=800080]Hi Bree

Thanks heaps for that! :slight_smile:

That is what i thought/had been told as well but just wanted to check with others :slight_smile:

See you all soon :wink:




No worries Carly.

Is anyone else thinking/decided to do the skydiving over the Swiss Alps?
I’ve heard its amazing and i should definantly take up the opportunity but it’s just so expensive. Thought I’d see what you guys are thinking?
P.s… only 6 weeks to go!!!