29 Jan Egypt Express - Egypt protests


Hiya, I have booked to start my long expecting Egypt Express tour on the 29 Jan, which is in 2 daysÂ’ time. I really looked forward to the 9 days tour since I have been planning it since forever, then I was going to stay in Cairo for another 4 days to experience the Egyptian life.

Unfortunately the Egypt protests broke off on Tuesday. I have been following the BBC news and it looks pretty bad out there. No one can predict what will happen but since I will be in the country for nearly two weeks, anything could happen really. I am not sure whether I should take the risk.

Are there any fellow travellers booked for this trip can share your thoughts, or is there anyone at Cairo at the moment can give me some advices?

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I am also wondering the same thing, leaving 5th February. Could any of the Topdeck employees comment on this situation, perhaps knowing how they handle any political unrest situations? What they think is best in terms of safety?
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Hey I have just gotten off the phone with someone from Topdeck because I’m going on a tour starting 30 Jan and they have been advised by UK police that everything is in downtown Cairo and that all is fine and all tours are going ahead as normal.
Hope this helps!


Hi guys,

We have not had any problems with our current trips in Egypt - all of our passengers and crew are safe and well away from the situation. Our upcoming trips are still scheduled to depart, please contact Topdeck directly if you have any concerns.

Topdeck Team


Have there been any developments on this? Aus Smart Traveller has just issued a warning not to travel to Egypt. I am currently booked to go Apirl 2nd on Pyramids and Beaches Tour, will this be affected, and what do we do in circumstances where the tour will be cancelled?


Hi, My daughter was due to arrive yesterday in Cairo for the Ultimate Egypt Tour. We haven’t heard from her as yet and really worried. What is happening with the tour over there. We are really worried as she is travelling alone.


Hi Goose,
Have you organised travel insurance yet? It would be best to get it (and read up on the details in case your trip is cancelled.)
I am booked on a tour early may through egypt, and at this stage I still plan to go, but will monitor the situation until then. Fingers crossed its all resolved then and we can enjoy our tours!

Apparently internet is down in egypt at the moment, but im sure it will get resolved soon, and the tour companies are steering very clear of any protests etc.


Hi all,

Following the latest update from our local partners, all Egypt trips departing until and including 18th February 2011 are cancelled. Passengers should contact Topdeck Reservations to reschedule their tour or get a full refund.

All Topdeck passengers currently at Cairo airport are advised to get the next available flight out.

Families who need to contact Topdeck or are concerned about a passenger can do so via our dedicated response e-mail egypt@topdecktravel.co.uk or on +44 208987 3305.

Please visit our website for further updates as they come to hand.

Topdeck Team