29 Day Ultimate Aussie Adventure Feb 3 2018


Looking to do this tour Feb 03 - March 03 2018. If anyone who has done this tour solo please give me any insight you have!! I will be traveling alone from USA and hope to meet some rad people on this trip!


Hi there!!

I was looking around on the site and saw your message. I’m going to do this trip also on feb 03 - march 3 2018. I’ve never done a trip like this so I can’t give you any advice, but maybe we’ll be traveling in the same group!


Hey there,
I am also doing the trip from February 3 to March 3 - I will be staying in Melbourne 2 days before the trip, and staying Sydney 2 days after the trip…Looking forward to this trip, and meeting new ppl =)


Being an Australian, I would like to welcome you and all the best for this adventure.


Hi guys, hope you all had a great trip earlier this year. I’m considering to join the Ultimate Aussie Adventure i feb. 2019 but I am quite worried about the temperatures in the outback in high summer. Was this a problem for you guys? Did you have long breaks during mid day where you could seek shade and maybe a pool or aircondition? I have been looking around but can’t really find anyone describing this trip during high summer. I hope some of you have time to give me some advice or just write about your experience. As mentioned, it is mostly the part of the trip that takes place in the outback that i’m really worried about.

Kind regards and thank you in advance!


Hey! Im from Aus and it gets really hot but it will be bareable, most places have aircon and there is plenty of shade! Just gets a bit muggy. Bring sunscreen!


I’ve also been looking at the same trip. I did a Topdeck tour in Europe back in August and I was travelling solo too and will be for this one too but I can honestly say it was the best trip of my life!!! I met my boyfriend on that trip and made so many great friends! Topdeck is THE best company for tours like this and I 100% recommend doing a trip with them whether it’s this one or not. Hope to see you on the trip!