28 degrees mastercard


So I know the topic of money cards has been done to death but I need someone to make up my mind!

I’ve heard the 28 degrees card is the best, and that there’s basically no fees if you keep it in credit…true??

Any experiences with this or other cards?

Cheers :slight_smile:


I’ve just got one for my trip. Have also had a few emergencies come up recently and comes in handy as a credit card. Basically I’m using it just to be able to take out cash wherever I go instead of carrying around huge amounts of cash. Plus there’s no charges when you take money out!



I totally agree that 28 degree is the best, there are no transaction fees or currency conversion fees, the only fees you will encounter if you withdraw cash from an ATM, this is charged by the bank provider, which is usually quite minimal.

Just remember, if you put extra cash on top of your credit limit, when you make your first few purchases, it will use up the ‘cash amount’ for eg. your limit is $2000, you load $1000 on top, you purchase $1000 worth of goods, you will be left with a $2000 ‘credit’ limit, so if you withdraw cash from an ATM, you will be charged.


I have been travelling through Africa and Europe, sticking to ATMs from large banks, and am yet to encounter a single ATM fee.

The only fee I have been charged was interest on one cash advance (when you withdraw cash from credit) because I’d forgotten to top up the card. One $0.99 fee over 5 weeks isn’t bad.

I would advise that you don’t load excessive amounts of money onto your card at one time, as they frown upon using it as a debit card too obviously. I schedule automatic payments in for 5 days before I require money (it generally takes 3-4 days for transactions to properly go through).


here’s a good article on it: