28 degrees card v nab gold visa


From what i can see, most people who are taking a travel card are taking either the 28 degrees card or nab gold visa.
Opinions of which is better??


i’ve applied and received my 28 degrees card…it took just under 2 weeks to get it…its worth applying because you don’t have to pay an annual fee at all so if you don’t want to use it you can just cancel it but atleast you have it if you do want it. Whereas the NAB has a $10monthly fee unless you transfer $5000 a month.


I went with the NAB Gold Visa…they have extra purchase protection on the account when you select credit with purchase + you get an extra $2k (aust) withdrawal limit on top of purchases. There are other bonuses too. There international security team keep an eye on the spending and the patterns and you can note on the account the countries that you are going to visit a well.

Look into it and see which one you like. Its a personal choice at the end of the day :o)


What about the commonwealth bank travel money card? Anyone compare this one and 28 degrees card? Does anyone know if you can upload money on the 28 degrees card and keep it in debit for a while?



I don’t know anything about the NAB gold visa so I can’t comment on that but I have a 28degrees card that I got to take overseas last year. I think it’s good for travelling because there are no currency conversion fees which most credit cards have. I also like that there is no annual fee so you could get it and only use it when travelling or buying things online in foreign currencies. But to compensate for the no annual fee, it has an interest rate of 20% which you should be aware of if you don’t think you’ll be able to pay it off quickly after your trip.

In relation to Scarah’s comments about security, my understanding is that all credit card companies have security features that can monitor the spending on the card and will contact you if there are unusual transactions on the card, including overseas transactions. If you let your credit card company know you are going overseas they won’t be so concerned when their security system picks up transactions in the country you told them you are going to.

NatalieS - the Commonwealth bank travel money card is a debit card that you load your own money on, whereas the 28degrees card is a credit card. You can put some of your own money on the 28degrees card to give you extra “credit” on it but I don’t think they will let you keep extra money on there for a long period.

Sorry for the long post. Hope it helps.



I’ve heard that most people use the 28 degrees mastercard as a debit card (meaning they load it into a positive balance) so they are only spending their own money. But you do have 55days interest free to pay off your purchases made by eftpos. I haven’t heard any stories of people getting their card cancelled by the credit card company due to loading up their card with their own money…I’m assumming if you load up excessive amounts they might contact you.

I’m thinking about applying for the NAB as well to use it as a back up then cancel it when I return.

I would like to know about whether its true that if you have a credit limit of 2k on the 28degrees credit card…can you only withdraw (ATM cash out) 2k during a billing cycle even if you have added extra funds? (eg if you keep loading money onto your card over 2k can you withdraw over 2k during the billing cycle) Also if you can only withdraw 2k during a billing cycle…even if you haven’t maxed out you limit due to adding money regulary to the card, can you continue to use eftpos to pay for items even if you cannot withdraw more cash?

I hope that made sense but I couldn’t seem to find a straight answer online about it, some said yes where others would say no.



Hi Belle
I can’t really answer your question sorry but I just wanted to highlight that with the 28 degrees card, they start charging interest straight away for “cash advances”. I’m not sure if loading your own money onto the card then taking only that extra money out from the ATM is counted as a “cash advance” but you might like to clarify this too. I’ve had only good experiences over the phone with the customer service staff for the 28 degrees card so don’t hesitate to call them - best to get the facts. It’s not as painful as phoning my bank! :slight_smile:



Hi Guys

I have the 28 Degrees Card and am going to use it on my Mega Euro tour.

I have been told by work colleagues that have used the card in the past that yes it is correct that you can load your own funds onto the card, however with ATM withdrawls you are limited to $1000 per day from a ATM or $3000 per day over the counter at any bank. Also your cash limit is limited to your credit limit for one billing cycle. However if you do max out the cash advance option you can still use the card for purchases using the credit limit and enjoy the 55 days interest free period for purchases during the billing cycle. Note however when you spend money on the card, ie: you load $3000 of your own funds onto the card, if you make a purchase prior to your own funds been depleted on the card it will deduct the purchase from your own funds instead of the credit limit. ie:if you buy a $300 item then your cash limit on your card reduces by $300, however you can top the card up to ensure you make the most of your cash limit and to get the maximum benefit of the billing cycle. 28 Degrees gave me a $10K limit which I thought was very generous.

My plan is to load the card up and use it for cash advances then when my own funds are depleted only use the card for eftpos/over the counter purchases.

Also it would be wise to check with your bank for ATM alliances as they also offer fee free transactions for ATM withdrawls if you use a partner banks ATM, ie: Westpac has teamed up with Barclays Bank. Also my bank has given me several different local phone numbers for all the countries on the tour which can be called on for any assistance. :slight_smile:


Hey - I just spoke with 28 degrees today and confirmed that you can load money onto that card…HOWEVER, the lady wanted to make me understand that any cash on the card is not protected should the card be stolen?? Has anyone else come across this? I didn’t understand this… if the card is stolen and then you cancel it straight away - shouldn’t the money still be perfectly fine?? O and does anyone know if 28 degrees give an extra emergency card at all? ??? ???

I was thinking I might get both the Commonwealth travel money card as well as the 28 degrees - and just use the 28 degrees ones like a credit card and transfer the money from the commonwealth card to pay it off as I go?..


Hi Natalie - in response to your thoughts about using the commonwealth travel money card to pay off the 28 degrees card - I’m pretty sure the 28degrees card has to be paid off in Australian dollars (even if your purchases were made in another currency) so if you were using the commonwealth travel money card to pay it off you are likely to be charged currency conversion fees on the commonwealth card. I don’t know this for sure but you might like to clarify this with the card issuers. As an alternative option, if you have a normal savings account in Australia, you could consider leaving the details of this with a trusted friend or family member and asking them to pay money from your savings account to the 28degrees card.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:



Hi Nat

In terms of protection you are still protected by Mastercard’s International’s credit card protection program, if you were to lose your card overseas instead of contacting GE you would be able to contact Mastercard’s international service centre and they can organise to suspend the card, organise emergency cash and cash advances etc…, as for your balance you would be liable for any transactions before the card is reported, but not liable for any transactions after it was reported. When this occurs your credit balance would be transferred to a new card number. The chances of unauthorised use of your card is slim as you would need a pin to withdrawl cash, and it is only if your pin is compromised then you would be liable for the transaction.

This is pretty much the same for any Mastercard issued by any organisation.




Hey Natalie I recently got the 28 degrees credit card as well and I was told that they cant supply a spare card. Its a bummber so hopefully i dont lose my credit card once im in Europe!

But I have heard the same thing that they arent liable for any money we put on the card ourselves if it gets lost or stolen. Need to confirm this with them but.


I would recommend getting the 28 degrees as well as pre loaded travel card - it gives you options and most pre loaded travel cards come with two cards.


We’re using 28D daily while travelling in N America (Canada, US, Alaska, Mexico).

Our only major concerns are:

1.) Difficulty communicating with 28D while OS
(No email link!)

2.) Automatic monthly payment is a little scary.
Not taken from our other account on the
day advised: 28th. We’d better not be
charged interest! xx(

We’ll keep you posted!~ ;D


OK… 28D payment was automatically taken from our ANZ card, around 1:00 am (your time) 29th October…
so no drama.

We have now spent well over $10K on the 28D card, so far, with no real issues.

The question remains: Given that nearly all of us use this card OS,
is an email facility too much to ask? 28D are asleep while we’re
awake, much of the time… and Skype garbles in slow-wireless-mode.
Roll on the NBN!~ :wink:


I recently got a call from my bank (NAB) trying to sell me the Gold Visa Card.

I guess the only good thing about it is that they don’t charge international transaction fees… in that respect, I’ve found that it’s good for making purchases on credit.

In using my own money on a debt card, however, I’ve opted for the CBA Travel Money Card. You can load up to 5 currencies, lock in the exchange rate, no international transcation fees and only a $2.00 fee to withdraw at any international ATM. Pretty sweet! I’ve used it on trips to the US and Indonesia and never had any troubles. They have a 24 hour hotline and give you 2 cards for the one account. I actually had my wallet stolen in New York and hence lost one of the cards with over $6,000 on it - called CBA and it was cancelled within 20 minutes - and I had the other backup card stowed in my suitcase. Happy days!

NAB tried to tell me they don’t charge any fees to use an international ATM - but they didn’t mention that the ATM itself would charge me (similarly to using another bank’s ATM in AUS). The CBA travel money card only charges the flat $2 fee (i think it’s $2.50 in the US).

For using your own money, I’d opt for the CBA travel money card for sure.