28 day grand european tour - may 15th


Hi Guys,

My name is michael, i’m just wondering if there is anyone else taking part in this tour.

It would be good to have a chat before the tour



Hey there,

Also on that trip. I’ll be at the Clink around 1PM the day before, and looking for people to do a quick tour of London’s tourist attractions on the 14th.


Hey Matt,

I get to London on the 13th of may. Ill happily join you on one of the tours. im staying at the tune hote… If you have facebook, add me or send me a message… Michael Morhi


Alright. I sent you a message on facebook. I’ll try to get in touch with some of the other people from the trip to see if we can go as a group.


Cool. No worries, let me know how you go


hi guys, also on this tour :slight_smile:
staying at Clink also and get in around 3:30pm on the 14th


I sent you a message Larissa


Hi Laissa,

good to see another aussie on the trip :)… Me and Matt are thinking about doing a little London Tour on the 14th. Message me on facebook if you like. Michael Morhi


Its getting closer :slight_smile:


Ill be on this trip as well, along with 4 of my friends, name is Ahmed Atry feel free to add me on facebook. The lady said there will be about 30 people on this trip


sent you a message


Hey crew,

I’m also on this trip - travelling by myself from australia. I’ll try to add some of you on fb. I arrive early on the 13th and will be spending the 2 nights before the tour starts at clink. Keen to meet up and explore london!



Is this trip joined up with other trips? Like roman paythway? Anyone know?


Eastern Wanderer, Roman Chariot, and Eastern Express are part of it as far as I know.

Anna I sent you a message also.


Hey guys, it looks like a few people are keen to meet up before the tour. Matt i think its a good idea that we do a London tour before i think. If you wanna organise that, let us know on facebook or on here times and stuff and we will meet at your hotel. im not staying at the clink but im happy to meet you guys there.


Hi all,

I will also be on this trip. However I will already be in London for a week before. I will be staying at the Clink on the 14th though.




You’re more than welcome to join us for a city tour that day…if not we can grab a pint later at the Clink



My name is Audrey. I’ll be in London on the 14th and would love to check out the sights. Let me know if anyone wants to meet up :slight_smile: