28 day Grand European - 25Th Sept 2012


Hi All,

Unfortunately due to uni commitments, none of my friends could afford to come to Europe with me! So I am heading there on the above tour in Sept on my lonesome!!! :slight_smile:

It would be great to meet anyone on the same tour before we kick off the festivities! I am arriving in Paris a few days earlier and picking up the tour from there, so it would be awesome if anyone wanted to do a mini tour or even just meet up for a drink- if someone happened to have the same plans as me :slight_smile: Likewise I am chilling in the chilly London for a good week after, so anyone wanting to tag along is welcome along as
they can handle my really bad attempt at the British accent!

Thanks guys! Yay we’re going to Europe! (well I am and I hope someone else is too hahah)