27th June European Getaway


Hi,[br][br]Just wondering if anyone else is on this trip


Hi,[br][br]Yes I am on this trip. Am staying at the generator for 2 nights beforehand. Am travelling by my myself so bit nervous :slight_smile:


Finally, I thought I was by myself! I will be at the Generator the night prior to the tour too. I’m travelling by myself also. I am travelling around Ireland before starting the tour.


Yay! [br][br]Am starting to get very excited. But ver nervous as I haven’t done much travelling.[br]


yeah, I’m counting down the days and can’t wait to go on hols. less than 6 weeks until I head over to London. It looks like it’s just us two on the tour huh! lol[br][br]Are you doing any travelling before and after your tour??[br][br]I have travelled a fair bit, both by myself and with a travel buddy. I prefer to do it solo, then you can do what you want and when you want. Also you get to meet so many ppl.


Na, not doing much travelling this time apart from tour. I have two days in london before and about 5 days after. I plan on taking time off work next year for travelling. So this little trip is a bit of a taster.[br][br]I have searched the forum aswell to see who else is going on this trip. My travel agent said it was booked out so maybe they just haven’t discovered this forum thing yet…


Im heading up to Scotland for 3 nights straight after our tour also. Have you booked accommodation yet in london? You are welcome to come along if you wanted.


Really, Will definitely have a think about it. [br][br]Are you on facebook or anything. My email is megan.c.donegan@det.wa.edu.au, austraila network.


yeah I’m on facebook. Deanna Poole is my name. My photo has a pink balloon,


Hi [br][br]My friend and I are also on this tour! It’s so soon now! Really looking forward to it! We’re also at the Generator a couple of nights before the tour. So excited!


Yay, Someone else on the tour.[br][br]Where are you guys from?


Haha yeah two of us![br][br]We’re Brissie girls. You?


I’m from country WA, bout 2 hours from Perth.[br][br]Have you travelled much before?


It sounds like a lot of people on these tours are from Aus![br][br]Done a little bit of travel around Aus, NZ and Cook Is. but I’m yet to venture further than that! Is this your first time to Europe?


Na… haven’t been to Europe. Have been to South Africa, and a few asian islands. This will be the first time travelling by myself. Oh well… should be fun!


Most definitely! Feel free to add me on facebook, kokane_89@hotmail.com. I’m Kaylene btw.


Most definitely… will add you now. [br][br]My name is Megan


there are now 4 of us on the tour. Wahoo!!!


haha at least there’ll be plenty of room on the bus?!


Hi girls,[br][br]A couple more on the bus now. My friend and i are also on this trip. we are from melbourne!! Its only around 5 weeks away now, we cant wait!!