27 Nov - 20 Dec Road Trip/Southwestern States/Southern Charm


Hey guys!
I’m a solo traveller coming from Melbourne, Australia and I am doing the Road Trip USA!
Anyone else on any of the trips that make up the Road Trip?!
Em x :grin:


Hey i am doing the road trip! coming over from NZ :slight_smile: cant wait!


Awesome! Are you doing pre or post your traveling?


Just doing this trip - heading over a couple days before and then a couple of days at the end!


Awesome! I’m doing another tour before hand and 5 days in NY then finishing the tour in Las Vegas and having an extra 2 days there


Hi I am Koti from Melbourne
I have booked my southern charm tour, yesterday
From NYC on 27 nov. Will be leaving Melbourne on 18 and will visit LA, Vegas and San Francisco for 9 day. See you guys and girls in tour



Im heading over from Melbourne … Will be in Vegas on the 18-22 then San Francisco , then off to NY for the tour … Im just doing the southern charm tour and then about 20 days left over … Anyone need a travel partner for after?


I’m doing the full road trip and then gonna be in Vegas from 20-22 of December by myself if you wanted to go back to Vegas?


OK cool will keep that in mind, as I will have to be back to LA on the 27th to fly home, may pop past Vegas again :slight_smile: