27 Day European Explorer 23rd july 2011


hi all! I have just booked on the 27 Day European Explorer and La Tomatina. I am currently traveling by my self but possibly with a friend who is really keen to join me! ;D

Is anyone else doing this trip / has anyone done this trip + any recommendations of things that are a must on this trip

cheers :slight_smile:


Hi !
I’m going on this trip too! So far i’m going alone as well
I’m really excited for it! :slight_smile:


AWESOME i can’t wait!!
I’m going to pay the rest off tomorrow =D, will you be staying at the clink hostel before as well?


I think i’m staying there just the night before,
but i’m going to London a week before the trip


hey i’m also doing the European Explorer from the 23rd… and so is my friend :slight_smile:
We are also going to be staying at the Clink Hostel the night before so might see you there!!!
can’t wait…not long to go now :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey -

I’m booked on the same trip and can’t wait!! I’m travelling alone and will probably stay at the Clink the night before as well. SO glad to see some Auzzies - I’m actually an auzzie as well but working in the UK for a year as a GAP student.

Can’t wait to meet everyone! B-)


hi Catherine!
glaf to see more people! and YES more Aussies! check out the facebook discussion page for this tour:

6 weeks!! cant wait!


Hi All,

Myself and a friend are booked on the 27 day European Explorer departing London on the 11th July 2012… thats 3 weekends away!! Well for me anyway! Anyway i havnt seen anything or anybody else on either this forum or the facebook one saying anything about it!!

Let me know if anybody else is going, the site says its fully booked! Hope so… haah