25D South-West Safari


Hi guys,

Im looking at doing this tour kicking off from Jo-burg in Jan with my Partner.
Anyone know where the departure point in Jo-burg is from past experience? or is this all told when you get the package?
Would it be best to stay in the recommended Top deck backpacker in Joburg before start of the tour, so can meet the group quicker?
Anyone else looking at doing this tour? or has done it in the past?
Just any extra info on this tour would be great or feedback on things to do when we finish in Cape town (have a few spare days there b4 shipping back home!) :slight_smile:



Hi Beth,

I am looking at doing this tour in January too! It is the one departing from Johannesburg on 3 January 2012 and arriving in Cape Town on 27 January 2012. I believe the departure point in Johannesburg is the Backpacker’s Ritz (http://www.tripadvisor.com.au/Hotel_Review-g312578-d566432-Reviews-Backpackers_Ritz-Johannesburg_Johannesburg_Gauteng.html). However, I think that I will be staying at a hotel nearby after reading some of the reviews on the Trip Advisor website! But I’m pretty sure there is an orientation night before the tour begins, which will give everyone in the group a chance to meet each other. I hope that was helpful!