25 Day South West Safari July 2013


Hi all,

My Partner and I are booked in for the 25 day South West Safari departing July 2013 from Joburg.
Seeking some advice on packs and sleeping gear. What to take, what not to take? Any advice at all would be much appreciated.
Anyone else looking at doing this tour? or has done it in the past?
Just any extra info on this tour would be great or feedback on things to do when we finish in Cape town (have a few spare days there b4 shipping back home!)



ay me and my partner are looking into doing the cape to jburg of this safari in july 2014 i see theres no comments back for from this post but have you heard anything off the form i.e whats the safety like on the safaris and tho we are still to decide on cape to start or jburg but from what heard you dont want to spend alot of time in jburg due to safety .

hope to hear back and have a gooden .

tar !