24th July Vrgada sailing trip?



I have just booked the Vrgada sailing trip 24th July and wondered if anyone else as booked on? where are people flying in from and where you staying the night before? I was thinking about a hostel?




Starting to think Im sailing alone??


Hey Jen, Don’t worry too much that on one has posted yet in reply, I have found that people fave taken there time and will closer to departure. You could also look on the facebook page for posts.

PS: no i am not on this one but am on the same trip that leaves 18th Sept:)

Enjoy your trip


Hey Jen,

Just Checked out your post, me and my friend are also booked on Vrgada on the 24th July.

Sarah :slight_smile:


where you flying from? I need to book somewhere a night before and after- thinking just a cheap hostel as it will only be a few hours to sleep.

Have you been on any of these trips before?



Hey, we’re flying from edinburgh to norway then norway to split, it worked out the cheapest, yea we booked a hostel in split for the night before the trip, its old town hostel split, just booked it a few days ago, nope neither of us have been on any of these trips before but we’re totally looking forwards to it, cant wait. :slight_smile:


I’ve not booked my hostel yet- will do it next weekend once I get paid. Im staying an extra night afterwards as well so fly back sunday 1st August. I just got the itinerary through and I thought the trip ended on 1st august so have had to change my flight-hey ho.

I noticed you cant take a suitcase- so Im going to get a big backpack.

There is a facebook page as well for this company.