23rd April Arrive London 2 Weeks Alone


I am from Perth arriving in London on the 23rd April !
I have not got any accomodation or tours booked yet, and am travelling solo.

I am looking at doing the Europe Uncovered Tour starting on the 5th of May
Is there anyone else that is doing this tour ?

I am looking at maybe meeting up with people staying in the area at the same time that are solo travellers or any coupled friends that would like to meet up as well !!
I also would like to know of good places i can stay i am thinking hotels but possible hostels but i would like my own room for privacy do you know any hostels that provide this

Thank youuuuuuuu


The Clink Hostel provides single rooms with your own bathroom, single rooms with a shared bathroom and then a variety of shared rooms. I chose to stay there for 2 days before my tour departs because I wanted my own room as well.
You can also have a look on a few different booking websites such as www.booking.com which have different hotels at discounted rates.
Hope this helps!! :slight_smile:


Hey Kezzabe! I arrive in London on the 24th April so would be great to catch up! :slight_smile:
Send me a line at nrsmith@tpg.com.au (unless this is Kellie and I already have you! :smiley: hehe)

I’d definitely suggest looking at hostels - even if you went the private room cause you’ll meet a lot more like minded individuals that way. I find hotels a little stale and too anti-social I guess?

Hope to chat to you soon!



I arrive in London on the 14th April and also travelling alone and thinking of doing the mega European tour in May.

Would be good to make new friends doing the same thing :slight_smile:


Hi Arra :slight_smile: That sounds great! I’ll be in London from 24th April - where are you staying? I was looking at either the Generator Hostel or Clink78 - tho I’m leaning towards Generator as they have a female dorm available for the entire time (tho they are a little more expensive!) ;D

What you planning to do from the 14th April until the tour in May???

Would be awesome to catch up sometime!


Hey Natalie

I have signed up with the working holiday club as I’m going to London for a lil working holiday. Staying at their hostel in fulham, and hopefully working for a bit before my tour begins.

And yes it would be good to catch up! :slight_smile:


Hey I’ll be on my own in London killing some time between 4th May til 11th if u want to catch up or something. Will be staying at the Clink.


Hi Erin

I’ll be keen to catch up when you get to London in May - what are your plans?



Hi Arra
Are you from Cairns? So am i!! I am just over in Canada on a working holiday at the moment.
Would be great to meet up with you.
I’ll be in Dublin from 4th May til 9th then I’ll be in London 10th and 11th May before my tour starts. Will be staying at the Clink so if you want to meet up and go sight seeing or something let me know :slight_smile: