21 September Grand European!


Hey Everyone,

Just looking for fellow travellers on this tour… Is anyone out there!!! Not long to go now!! :o

Me and my friend Courtney are super excited and cant wait to get there and get started!!

If you are on this tour shout out and we could maybe meet up before hand, we are staying at the Clink for 2 days before!!



Hi Greer,

My sister and I are on the Grand European departing 21 September. We’re super excited, can’t believe it’s only a couple of weeks until we depart!



Hi Carmen,

Awesome news!! We were starting to think we may be the only ones!!

Where are you guys from and how old are you etc?? Are you guys staying in London before hand??

Im 25 from Perth and Courtney is 24 from NZ. We have been counting down for almost a year so knowing its less than 2 weeks till we fly out is pretty mad!!


Hi Everyone,

I am also doing this trip, I fly out from Brisbane on the 18 September and have 2 days in London at Clink before the tour.

I was starting to think there weren’t many people doing this tour, seeing as so many are doing the tour that departs on the 7 September!

It’s good to know I will have some company!

So excited, not long to go now!!


Hi Everyone!

I am doing this trip with my cousin Leah. I must say, I was also starting to think that there weren’t going to be many people. Glad to see you guys on here! Leah and I are arriving on September 16 and staying at YHA London Central, but we are going to stay at the Clink the night before the tour leaves.

We are both soooo excited!! Cant wait to meet you all! How are you all going packing-wise - thats my biggest concern - am a compulsive overpacker :slight_smile:



Hi Everyone,

We are staying 2 nights at Clink before the tour, also leaving Oz on 18 September.

Samantha - I’m packing extremely light, there are heaps of great (and cheap) clothes shops in London that I plan to hit in the couple of days before the tour!

See you all in a couple of weeks!



Hey Everyone!

Yay this excites me greatly!! What a HUGE relief!! Haha

Can’t wait to meet you all. Add me on FB if you like http://www.facebook.com/greer.oregan

We also both fly out on 18 Sept and are meeting in KL to do the long haul to LDN together!!

Samantha - also fretting about packing but have decided to go really light also as planning on just picking up what I need along the way! I have had nightmares that I have get there with an empty bag though :o haha


I am dreading packing, I am an overpacker!

But I’m going to keep it light with just the necessities and take things that I can layer. I plan on hitting up the shops in London, so anything I forget I can just buy. Bring on top shop!

Carmen who are you flying with? I fly out with Cathay Pacific. I’m travelling solo, I’m not much looking forward to the long flight by myself!


Hi guys - I’m Greer’s travel buddy, and it seems the only Kiwi!! I’m a terrible overpacker too. Dreading the weigh-in at the airport!


I think my main worry is whether its going to be warm or cold - and how to pack for that. I dont want to pack stuff and be too hot and vice versa. Having mostly travelled in Asia-Pacific I am absolutely clueless at packing for this trip! ARGH! But yes, I am planning on going nuts when I arrive and buying stuff. Bit of a shopaholic I admit :slight_smile:


Hi Everyone

I am on this tour am orginally from Wellington in NZ so your not the only kiwi Courtney :slight_smile: am 23 doing it solo, been over here in the UK since April on a cricket contract and have enjoyed a very warm/hot summer still very warm in the south of England and looking at temps very hot around Europe. Enjoy your flights over everyone, long journey make sure you get some sleep on the plane and don’t watch too many movies!


Hey Matt

Welcome on board! The 1st guy in a tour full of girls :wink: haha!! Thanks for the advice on weather, good to know we can pack light and leave all the bulky stuff behind!!

I am also originally from NZ, so that makes 3 of us!!

Not long now people!! 12 days!! (only 9 till we fly out!!) ;D Cant wait to meet you all!!


Hey all,

My name is Julia and I’m also on this tour, and like so many of you leaving the homeland of Oz on the 18th. I’m crashing at a mates house in London for 2 nights before the tour, so will get to meet you all bright and early :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to meeting you all and the trip :slight_smile:


eeekkk this time next week majority of us will be leaving!!! Yay!!!


Where are all the guys? LOL


Don’t worry Mark, I’m sure your not the only male on the tour… or if you are you are one lucky bloke ;D


Only 6 more sleeps until most of us fly out! I did a test run with my packing today… only 12kg, so stoked!

Jess - I’m flying out of Brissy with Royal Brunei.


You guys better be up for some wild times…Any one staying on in Europe after?


Is anyone flying with Cathay Pacific?

I’m staying on in Europe afterwards for about a week, I’m heading to Dublin after the tour.

Then i’m onto Hong Kong.


Leah and I are flying Malaysia Airlines and are staying for about two weeks after the tour. Heading to Finland for a few days to visit a friend of mine, then to Scotland for a couple of days and then finally back to London before we get home. We fly out on Wednesday and are soooo excited!!! Definitely looking forward to having an absolute blast with you all!